How Much Sex?

Recently I was reading a thread on a forum which is for writers and e-book publishers. The topic was around how much graphic sex should be included in stories. Of course this is an almost impossible question to answer – tastes vary greatly. I was interested to note that many of the contributors to the forum were suggesting that sexual occurrences between characters should only be hinted at. Others said that “the scene should fade to black”, or that “we shouldn’t follow the characters into the bedroom” etc. I think this might be fine for the genre of Gay Romance or even Straight Romance. Actually, earlier this year I read a few gay romances. Some of them were very sweet and didn’t really give descriptions of graphic sex. One of these works was entitled The Secret and it was written by a young British writer, Ashley John. It is the first book in a series called ‘George and Harvey.’ Overall the writing was excellent although I was a bit puzzled as to where the action was taking place. It could have been anywhere in the western world. However that is a small gripe and Ashley’s work is certainly worth taking a look at.

Well it may be fine to fade to black in gay romance but what about the Gay Erotica category? I think that authors need to realize that many readers look for stories that are very hot and steamy. Quite often a major sexual event is the main point of the story, if I can put it like that. I have come across many negative one star reviews where disappointed readers have complained that the writer hasn’t included sufficient sexy detail. I recall that one reveiwer was grumpy because the writer hadn’t established whether the main characters were cut or uncut. The commentator then went on to list all of the other details that he felt were missing including cock sizes and etc.

One of the most astonishing aspects of the e-book revolution is the number of women writing gay erotica. Some of it is pretty hot and wild! How do they do it? I wonder. Don’t you need to possess the right equipment? Well probably not. You don’t have to murder someone in order to write a story about a serial killer. Well, perhaps the girls working in the gay erotica m/m genre ask their boyfriends or husbands for advice? Lol! Just joking.

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