Size Matters

For one of my writing projects I recently carried out some research on penis sizes. At least that’s what my excuse was. It was probably a lot more to do with my fixation on cock.

Anyway, the British Journal of Medicine states that African men (still in Africa) have, on average, bigger cocks. This, of course, is to do with their genes. The article I came across says that Black men have penises ranging from 6 to 7 inches on average. With Caucasians it’s 5 to 6.8 inches and Asian guys 4.8 to 6.4 inches.

The Journal gives a helpful table –

Republic of Congo: (7.1 inches)

Ecuador: (7 inches)

Australia: (5.2 inches)

USA: (5.1 inches)

UK: (5.5 inches)

Italy: (6.2 inches)

South Africa: (7 inches)

China: (4.3 inches)

Thailand: (3.9 inches)

South Korea: (3.8 inches)

Recently I read a slightly ominous article in a medical journal about big cocks. It said that bottom gays having anal intercourse over an extended period of time and accommodating bigger than average penises may get growths on the lining of their alimentary canals, damaged sphincter muscles, inability to control muscle   contractions and occasional occurrence of cancer.

Later that evening, after I’d finished my research, I decided to invite my Congolese friend, Sheku, out to the local Chinese restaurant. Reaching under the table in the restaurant to feel Sheku’s massive supine cock, I decided I would take the risk.




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