Gay Moments


The first title in my new series GAY MOMENTS will be published on Amazon Kindle shortly. It is My Girlfriend’s Brother.

Young Damon cannot remember a time when he didn’t know his best friend Sandy, a very lively girl who tells fortunes. It is assumed by their families that some day they will ‘tie the knot.’ However as he grows older Damon realizes that he is really much more interested in Sandy’s brother.

An excerpt:

“That is just so weird” she said.

“What’s weird?”

“It just looks so different…”

Different to what? I wondered. How many boys’ cocks had Sandy seen? Then the penny dropped. She must have seen her brother’s cock. Of course! But how would it be different to mine? At this stage of my life I was still very naïve and I knew very little about penises and foreskins and circumcisions. Up to this point the only cocks I’d seen were those belonging to other boys at school. In the change rooms I was always trying to look sideways as the guys were undressing. Some boys were quite shy and tried to keep their cocks covered. However most didn’t seem to care and there were some boys who always seemed to be hard and were obviously keen to show off their equipment. We had a small number of Asian boys at our school and I thought that they had the cutest cocks of all. I’d noticed that some boys had these shiny knobs on the end of their dicks that were never covered by skin even when they were soft. I wondered if this had something to do with the ‘difference’ Sandy had noticed between mine and her brother’s cock. I resolved to get a look at Tyler’s dick as soon as possible.


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