Steam Works


Recently on a visit to Perth, Western Australia, I paid a visit to the Steam Works gay sauna in the Northbridge area. I was visiting the city in connection with a new TV reality series I’ve been engaged to work on which promises to be a great deal of fun.

Anyway I was glad to be able to catch up with Steam Works again. There have been some improvements since my last visit. Like many saunas around Asia Steam Works now has a regular Totally Nude night. I think it happens once a month and it’s very popular. A lot of boys wanting to gaze at plenty of cock and display what they’ve got hanging between their legs!

Like saunas everywhere there are plenty of guys who stand outside the fuck rooms for hours on end. What are they waiting for? Mr Perfect to come along?

Steam Works is one of the very few saunas in Australia which has a licensed bar. After cooling myself down with a lemonade (I never drink alcohol before sex) I went into the Jacuzzi pool. There were some young guys (probably nineteen or twenty) relishing the bubbles. One boy with rather ragged blonde hair was chatting to his friend about a recent football match. I could see a lovely vision of his uncut cock rippling in the water. Suddenly a third boy moved over to the pair. He reached down and taking Blondie’s cock in hand, he started to wank it vigorously. The blonde boy continued to rave about the football to his friend without even looking at the other boy who was pulling his cock. Soon a white cloud blossomed in the water.

After leaving the Jacuzzi and drying myself off, I went wandering through to one of the larger rooms where there were some guys sitting on benches and jacking off to porn displayed on a monitor. There was an older man lying in a sling with his legs wide to the world. I’m no angel as my writings will attest to but I do draw the line about prostrating myself in a sling and taking on all comers. A younger bear-like guy turned towards me with a wicked leer. He’d obviously been fucking the man in the sling. “Well, that guy’s arse will never be the same again” he boasted.


Australian Boy Update


On checking my post about this I realized that the dates of the Amazon Kindle free days for downloading ‘Australian Boy’ were not correct. The actual dates are Friday 20th of Feb until Sunday 22nd Feb inclusive. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Also I recently announced in a post the immenent release by Balmain Publishing of my new GAY MOMENTS title ‘Boy Works’. However there has been a delay. The book has been approved by Amazon and has an ASIN number but because of a technical glitch it has been held up from  acutally going on the web site. This should be resolved in the next couple of days and I will certainly post when it goes ‘live.’

Free Book: Australian Boy


‘Australian Boy’ from my Gay Sex Odyssey series will be available for FREE download on Amazon Kindle from Friday the 20th of Feb until Sunday 22nd of Feb. Here is a brief excerpt from the story –

“Often with the long day’s work behind us we would take our trousers off and kneel on my bed facing each other. We would start wanking and usually a bit of a game developed as we matched each other’s pace and rhythm. Usually Francisco would come first, spraying my cock and balls. Of course he knew that unspoken sexual manners dictated that he should continue pulling my cock until I too came but sometimes I felt he did this without much enthusiasm because he’d lost the urge. Often he would order me to lie on my back and spread my legs because he had a theory that this would quicken the orgasm. Occasionally he would shove a forefinger up my arse, again to quicken the process. Because of his Latino background Francisco was blessed with a generous foreskin but sometimes he wasn’t very appreciative of it.

“I’m thinking of getting myself cut Kev. D’you think I could have it done under Medicare?”

“Gee, I don’t really know Francisco. Maybe they wouldn’t consider that to be essential life-saving surgery. But for God’s sake, why would you want to do that?” I gave his cock an extra hard pull to help make my point. “Surely it’s much better to have the skin for wanking? With all the cut guys I know you have to use lube. Makes it much more awkward.”

“I dunno. Sometimes I think it looks really gross. And when I start to have real sex… whether it’s with girls or boys, won’t it get in the way?”

“Naw, you just pull the skin back before you put your cock head in the hole. Hey Francisco, maybe you should experiment. You know, go for a trial run.” Unfortunately he didn’t respond to my hint.



Balmain Publishing will shortly release my new story – ‘GAY MOMENTS: Boy Works.’

Just having turned eighteen, young Bryan Cooper has decided to give himself a birthday treat – a visit to the legendary gay sauna, Steam Works. He has heard all about the sauna at school and he invites his friend Steve to go along with him. Although Bryan and Steve have fallen into the habit of sexually experimenting with each other in an abandoned warehouse they don’t see their relationship as being particularly romantic – they are just two mates helping each other out. They realize during one of their steamy sessions in the warehouse that they are being spied upon.


Steve and I looked at each other and then a kind of knowing grin flooded my friend’s face. With his cock still rigid (mine had deflated somewhat through fear) he put a finger to his lips and beckoned for me to follow him. Silently he crept around a huge bale and then he shouted, “Fuckin’ Arnold Seamer! What the fuck are you doin’ here?”

I rushed around to the other side of the bale and saw what had attracted my friend’s attention. Arnold Seamer was kneeling on the floor sans shorts and sporting a fairly massive stiff cock. Arnold or Arne as he was usually called was a boy from our class.

“Have you been spying on us?” roared Steve.

The boy started to cry. “I-I-couldn’t help it. I was just watching and wanking along with you guys. I haven’t told nobody nuffin’, I promise.”

“You mean you’ve been sneakin’ around, spying on us before this?”

“Just a few times.”

“Just a few times… bloody hell!” snarled Steve.

“The first time was an accident. I’d just come in here for a piss when I saw you guys going for it. I got hard straight away and hid behind that bale so I could wank while watching you. It was awesome. After that I realized you came down here every afternoon after school so I’d hide myself and wait.”

“On your feet!” snapped Steve.

“Can I just get my shorts?” said the snivelling boy.

“No you bloody can’t. You my friend are in for some stiff punishment.”

Arne didn’t see the subtle wink Steve gave me. Without further ado, as they used to say in the classics, he grabbed the boy’s stiff cock and led him through to our wanking spot.

“You know what they say Arne” laughed Steve. “’If you can’t beat them join them.’ Well in this case it’s more like ‘If you join them you must beat off with them.’”

Bryan, through an act of heroism, is awarded a gold pass to the Steam Works sauna. Visiting the ‘Suckerama’ facility he becomes obsessed by a beautiful cock that appears through a glory hole.

Measuring Skin


It would be difficult to find two foreskins that are  exactly the same. A bit like fingerprints perhaps. I have a theory that the colder the climate, the longer and the thicker foreskins on boys will be. Sensitive cock heads need protection in icy conditions. I’ve been aware of pretty elaborate foreskins in places like Vienna, Germany, Norway and even Britain. However, so my theory goes, the closer you get to the equator the shorter the foreskins will be. Thai boys in particular usually have pretty short skins. I have no scientific evidence to back up this notion but it’s based on my observations. It’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. Perhaps one day I’ll do a PHD on the subject

This is an extract from my recent novella ‘MAD ABOUT THE BOY: Orlando’

“Rolling his eyes as if he thought I was a kind of simpleton, the Chemist made a gesture towards my package. “Just a look mind you. I don’t believe in imposing upon my house guests. I suppose you could say I’m a connoisseur of cock.”

I’m not a particularly shy person, in fact I don’t mind showing off at the gym or the sauna but this request was kind of cold-blooded, clinical in fact. Well Mortimer was a chemist after all. I stood up, undid my belt and pushed my jeans down to my feet. I then pulled down my underpants, freeing my cock and balls. The former was already at half-mast. The Chemist gazed at my equipment as if he was assessing some intriguing specimen. I awaited his verdict.

“Mmm… six inches when fully erect I should imagine?” I nodded and he continued the examination. “Lovely colour and tone. Ivory really with just a suggestion of pink.”

My cock was growing in size, inspired by the Chemist’s analytical gaze.

“And of course you are intact. My preference I would have to admit. Mmm… a CI Five I would think.”

“A CI Five?”

“Yes, it’s a code which measures the length of the foreskin in relation to the rest of the cock. For instance some boys have very little loose skin on the shaft so the head shows whether the cock is soft or hard. That would be a CI One. At the other extreme, if I can put it like that, you have a CI Ten. A boy with a CI Ten foreskin will have a real overhang so that the head never appears even when the cock is erect. The owner will have to pull the skin back if he wants to reveal his cock head. Now there are those who find these overhangs rather gross but I don’t agree. I find them fascinating. I would think that yours is a CI Five Orlando which I think is most attractive. With a CI Five a half to two-thirds of the glans is on show when the penis is flaccid. May I?”

Without waiting for permission he reached out, and taking my foreskin between two fingers, he eased it back.

“Lovely Orlando. Quite a prominent ridge and overall, a beautifully proportioned head. Not too bulbous which I find can be a little gross. Mmm… one of my boys is in for a treat tonight” he said enigmatically.”



STOP PRESS: My book ‘GAY MOMENTS: My Girlfriend’s Brother’ will be available for free downloading on Amazon Kindle until Monday 9th of February inclusive. Here is an extract from the short story –

“Anyway, I lowered my underpants, stepped out of them and my cock sprung up towards the sky. Sandy seemed mesmerised by it. I was glad that my balls were in their tight mode and not dangling because I think they look better that way.

“Wow” said Sandy. “Can I touch it?”

“I guess so.” For a moment I wondered if this was really fair because I hadn’t touched her cunt. Not that I’d really wanted to.

Sandy reached out and taking hold of my cock she pushed my foreskin back to reveal the whole of the cock head. I’d better explain; I have a fairly generous foreskin so that even when I’m hard the head is still partly covered.

“That is just so weird” she said.

“What’s weird?”

“It just looks so different…”

Different to what? I wondered. How many boys’ cocks had Sandy seen? Then the penny dropped. She must have seen her brother’s cock. Of course! But how would it be different to mine? At this stage of my life I was still very naïve and I knew very little about penises and foreskins and circumcisions. Up to this point the only cocks I’d seen were those belonging to other boys at school. In the change rooms I was always trying to look sideways as the guys were undressing. Some boys were quite shy and tried to keep their cocks covered. However most didn’t seem to care and there were some boys who always seemed to be hard and were obviously keen to show off their equipment. We had a small number of Asian boys at our school and I thought that they had the cutest cocks of all. I’d noticed that some boys had these shiny knobs on the end of their dicks that were never covered by skin even when they were soft. I wondered if this had something to do with the ‘difference’ Sandy had noticed between mine and her brother’s cock. I resolved to get a look at Tyler’s dick as soon as possible.”

I hope you enjoy reading it,

Good luck,