Measuring Skin


It would be difficult to find two foreskins that are  exactly the same. A bit like fingerprints perhaps. I have a theory that the colder the climate, the longer and the thicker foreskins on boys will be. Sensitive cock heads need protection in icy conditions. I’ve been aware of pretty elaborate foreskins in places like Vienna, Germany, Norway and even Britain. However, so my theory goes, the closer you get to the equator the shorter the foreskins will be. Thai boys in particular usually have pretty short skins. I have no scientific evidence to back up this notion but it’s based on my observations. It’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. Perhaps one day I’ll do a PHD on the subject

This is an extract from my recent novella ‘MAD ABOUT THE BOY: Orlando’

“Rolling his eyes as if he thought I was a kind of simpleton, the Chemist made a gesture towards my package. “Just a look mind you. I don’t believe in imposing upon my house guests. I suppose you could say I’m a connoisseur of cock.”

I’m not a particularly shy person, in fact I don’t mind showing off at the gym or the sauna but this request was kind of cold-blooded, clinical in fact. Well Mortimer was a chemist after all. I stood up, undid my belt and pushed my jeans down to my feet. I then pulled down my underpants, freeing my cock and balls. The former was already at half-mast. The Chemist gazed at my equipment as if he was assessing some intriguing specimen. I awaited his verdict.

“Mmm… six inches when fully erect I should imagine?” I nodded and he continued the examination. “Lovely colour and tone. Ivory really with just a suggestion of pink.”

My cock was growing in size, inspired by the Chemist’s analytical gaze.

“And of course you are intact. My preference I would have to admit. Mmm… a CI Five I would think.”

“A CI Five?”

“Yes, it’s a code which measures the length of the foreskin in relation to the rest of the cock. For instance some boys have very little loose skin on the shaft so the head shows whether the cock is soft or hard. That would be a CI One. At the other extreme, if I can put it like that, you have a CI Ten. A boy with a CI Ten foreskin will have a real overhang so that the head never appears even when the cock is erect. The owner will have to pull the skin back if he wants to reveal his cock head. Now there are those who find these overhangs rather gross but I don’t agree. I find them fascinating. I would think that yours is a CI Five Orlando which I think is most attractive. With a CI Five a half to two-thirds of the glans is on show when the penis is flaccid. May I?”

Without waiting for permission he reached out, and taking my foreskin between two fingers, he eased it back.

“Lovely Orlando. Quite a prominent ridge and overall, a beautifully proportioned head. Not too bulbous which I find can be a little gross. Mmm… one of my boys is in for a treat tonight” he said enigmatically.”


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