Balmain Publishing will shortly release my new story – ‘GAY MOMENTS: Boy Works.’

Just having turned eighteen, young Bryan Cooper has decided to give himself a birthday treat – a visit to the legendary gay sauna, Steam Works. He has heard all about the sauna at school and he invites his friend Steve to go along with him. Although Bryan and Steve have fallen into the habit of sexually experimenting with each other in an abandoned warehouse they don’t see their relationship as being particularly romantic – they are just two mates helping each other out. They realize during one of their steamy sessions in the warehouse that they are being spied upon.


Steve and I looked at each other and then a kind of knowing grin flooded my friend’s face. With his cock still rigid (mine had deflated somewhat through fear) he put a finger to his lips and beckoned for me to follow him. Silently he crept around a huge bale and then he shouted, “Fuckin’ Arnold Seamer! What the fuck are you doin’ here?”

I rushed around to the other side of the bale and saw what had attracted my friend’s attention. Arnold Seamer was kneeling on the floor sans shorts and sporting a fairly massive stiff cock. Arnold or Arne as he was usually called was a boy from our class.

“Have you been spying on us?” roared Steve.

The boy started to cry. “I-I-couldn’t help it. I was just watching and wanking along with you guys. I haven’t told nobody nuffin’, I promise.”

“You mean you’ve been sneakin’ around, spying on us before this?”

“Just a few times.”

“Just a few times… bloody hell!” snarled Steve.

“The first time was an accident. I’d just come in here for a piss when I saw you guys going for it. I got hard straight away and hid behind that bale so I could wank while watching you. It was awesome. After that I realized you came down here every afternoon after school so I’d hide myself and wait.”

“On your feet!” snapped Steve.

“Can I just get my shorts?” said the snivelling boy.

“No you bloody can’t. You my friend are in for some stiff punishment.”

Arne didn’t see the subtle wink Steve gave me. Without further ado, as they used to say in the classics, he grabbed the boy’s stiff cock and led him through to our wanking spot.

“You know what they say Arne” laughed Steve. “’If you can’t beat them join them.’ Well in this case it’s more like ‘If you join them you must beat off with them.’”

Bryan, through an act of heroism, is awarded a gold pass to the Steam Works sauna. Visiting the ‘Suckerama’ facility he becomes obsessed by a beautiful cock that appears through a glory hole.


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