Free Book: Australian Boy


‘Australian Boy’ from my Gay Sex Odyssey series will be available for FREE download on Amazon Kindle from Friday the 20th of Feb until Sunday 22nd of Feb. Here is a brief excerpt from the story –

“Often with the long day’s work behind us we would take our trousers off and kneel on my bed facing each other. We would start wanking and usually a bit of a game developed as we matched each other’s pace and rhythm. Usually Francisco would come first, spraying my cock and balls. Of course he knew that unspoken sexual manners dictated that he should continue pulling my cock until I too came but sometimes I felt he did this without much enthusiasm because he’d lost the urge. Often he would order me to lie on my back and spread my legs because he had a theory that this would quicken the orgasm. Occasionally he would shove a forefinger up my arse, again to quicken the process. Because of his Latino background Francisco was blessed with a generous foreskin but sometimes he wasn’t very appreciative of it.

“I’m thinking of getting myself cut Kev. D’you think I could have it done under Medicare?”

“Gee, I don’t really know Francisco. Maybe they wouldn’t consider that to be essential life-saving surgery. But for God’s sake, why would you want to do that?” I gave his cock an extra hard pull to help make my point. “Surely it’s much better to have the skin for wanking? With all the cut guys I know you have to use lube. Makes it much more awkward.”

“I dunno. Sometimes I think it looks really gross. And when I start to have real sex… whether it’s with girls or boys, won’t it get in the way?”

“Naw, you just pull the skin back before you put your cock head in the hole. Hey Francisco, maybe you should experiment. You know, go for a trial run.” Unfortunately he didn’t respond to my hint.


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