Steam Works


Recently on a visit to Perth, Western Australia, I paid a visit to the Steam Works gay sauna in the Northbridge area. I was visiting the city in connection with a new TV reality series I’ve been engaged to work on which promises to be a great deal of fun.

Anyway I was glad to be able to catch up with Steam Works again. There have been some improvements since my last visit. Like many saunas around Asia Steam Works now has a regular Totally Nude night. I think it happens once a month and it’s very popular. A lot of boys wanting to gaze at plenty of cock and display what they’ve got hanging between their legs!

Like saunas everywhere there are plenty of guys who stand outside the fuck rooms for hours on end. What are they waiting for? Mr Perfect to come along?

Steam Works is one of the very few saunas in Australia which has a licensed bar. After cooling myself down with a lemonade (I never drink alcohol before sex) I went into the Jacuzzi pool. There were some young guys (probably nineteen or twenty) relishing the bubbles. One boy with rather ragged blonde hair was chatting to his friend about a recent football match. I could see a lovely vision of his uncut cock rippling in the water. Suddenly a third boy moved over to the pair. He reached down and taking Blondie’s cock in hand, he started to wank it vigorously. The blonde boy continued to rave about the football to his friend without even looking at the other boy who was pulling his cock. Soon a white cloud blossomed in the water.

After leaving the Jacuzzi and drying myself off, I went wandering through to one of the larger rooms where there were some guys sitting on benches and jacking off to porn displayed on a monitor. There was an older man lying in a sling with his legs wide to the world. I’m no angel as my writings will attest to but I do draw the line about prostrating myself in a sling and taking on all comers. A younger bear-like guy turned towards me with a wicked leer. He’d obviously been fucking the man in the sling. “Well, that guy’s arse will never be the same again” he boasted.


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