FREE BOOK: Boy Works


My recent book, Boy Works, number three in the GAY MOMENTS series, will be available for FREE download from Amazon Kindle from Thursday the 12th of March until Monday the 16th of March inclusive. Here is an extract –

“It all began at Steam Works. I’d better explain. Steam Works is actually a gay sauna situated in Sussex Street, Sydney. At a rough guess I would have to say that it’s probably one of the most luxuriously appointed gay saunas anywhere in the world. Not that I consider myself an expert but I am familiar with similar establishments in Asia and in other parts of the Land Down Under. I’ve not experienced any saunas in the Americas and I have only visited one rather grotty establishment in the Waterloo district of London during a fleeting visit. Now Vienna is another story. Whilst I was in the divine city teaching drama in an international school I got into the habit of visiting the Kaiserbrundl sauna which is situated in the old historical part of the city. Kaiserbrundl is definitely the oldest bath house in Vienna. It gets its current name from the fact that it was visited by several reigning European monarchs during the nineteenth century. The establishment has a baroque feel about it, like many of the historical buildings in Vienna. Many of the boys’ cocks that I encountered there were pretty baroque as well. I don’t think I’ve come across any more fulsome foreskins anywhere else in the world. I have a kind of a theory. I think the colder the climate, the more generous the foreskins on guys. All those folds of skin are needed to protect sensitive cock heads from icy conditions. I’ve found that as you get closer to the equator foreskins become shorter and neater. Next time you visit Singapore or Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok why not test my theory? Thai boys in particular usually have pretty short foreskins. However as you travel in a northerly direction I’ve noticed that in places like Hong Kong foreskin lengths are likely to be medium in length. Further north still on the Chinese mainland in cities like Nanjing or Beijing the skins become longer. I cannot produce any scientific evidence to support my theory, let’s just say that it’s based on personal observation. One of these days I might do a PHD on the subject. Nah, just joking.

Now this is not just a rant about a couple of my fixations, saunas and foreskins. It has a lot to do with the story I am about to tell. My name is Bryan Cooper and my day job is working as a free-lance journalist. On the side I write steamy gay erotic stories just like this one. From time to time I also work in theatre, if and when the opportunity arises, as an indie director or actor. I’ve also tried my hand at writing a couple of plays without a great deal of success. Would you believe I’ve also done quite a bit of modelling? Now I would be the first to point out that I’m no hunk. However my agent tells me that I have a kind of cute, vulnerable look that attracts the pink dollar. Well, I guess it takes all kinds…

I first heard about the Steam Works sauna when I was in my final year at Balmain Senior High School. A gay boy in my class called Steve had gone there with some boys from another school as a kind of a dare. They were thrown out by the management when one of the lads tried to take photos with his mobile phone. Steve wouldn’t tell me if he’d had his cock sucked or not. However he was able to tell me enough about the place to make me curious.”



  1. Interesting article. I’m originally from Montréal and now live in Halifax NS. Montréal has what is called the Gay Village spanning several blocks in the downtown core. Years ago I used to go to a sauna called the “453” on de la Gauchetière street. This sauna has sadly closed used to have a 30′ X 50″ swimming pool just off the bar and lounge area along with a hot tub off to one side that could hold at least 20 guys. I would go just to swim as no bathing suits were required. It was pure heaven. And from the pool you could see the open showers with guys who had just come from the dry sauna or steam room simply take off their towels for all to see. Keep writing. Fabien


  2. Thank you for your comment Fabien.

    When I’m in the Land Down Under I often spend a lot of time in Perth, Western Australia. Steam Works is the only gay sauna there now – there used to be three. Usually whilst visiting major Asian cities I find there is a choice of many saunas – ranging from the salubrious to humble suburban bath houses.This is so even in countries where gay sex is against the law, such as Malaysia. In Kuala Lumpur guys visiting saunas have to take their own lube and condoms. The venues don’t supply them for fear of police raids.

    My favourite sauna in Hong Kong is Galaxy in Kowloon. It has obviously been there for a very long time. To reach the floor where Galaxy is located you have to take a rickety cage-like elevator that probably dates from the early years of the twentieth century.

    Of course in the sauna you find the usual sex rooms, showers and dark mazes. However in one very large room you’ll come across older Chinese men having a great time singing along to Chinese opera.

    I’ve noticed that,on average,boys in Hong Kong are a good deal taller than lads on the mainland.This may be due to superior nutrition over a long period of time. Another thing I’ve noticed is that even when saunas in Hong Kong have nude nights many of the boys will walk around with their hands covering their genitals. What is the point? On the other hand boys in saunas on the mainland are usually keen to show off their equipment.


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