FREE BOOK Brilliant Boys: Jody and Michel


My book’Brilliant Boys: Jody and Michel’ will be available for free downloading on Amazon Kindle for three days only from Thursday the 19th of March until Saturday the 21st of March inclusive. Here is an extract-


“One of the things I liked about Josie was that she didn’t mince her words. I rattled on about Michel and his poetry and thinking back to our conversation I recall her looking at me across the candle light rather archly. She probably thought I was becoming obsessive. But that didn’t stop me…

“You should see him Josie. He’s really cute with this shaggy blonde hair…”

“Well, Euro boys”… she said rather dreamily.

“He told me his cock is cut but I haven’t managed to get a look –“

Oh my God! What the fuck? I’d completely forgotten I was talking to a GIRL.

“Aw, Jeeze, I’m sorry Josie, I didn’t think –“

“Don’t worry about it Jody” she laughed. “I feel complimented – as if I’m being treated as one of the boys.”

“You’ll be thinking I’m a real fucking pain –“

“Not a bit of it.” Now she lowered her voice to a kind of a purr. “Perhaps it’s your subconscious working on you, encouraging you to tell me how you feel about this boy.”

“You think I’m gay?”

“I know you’re gay Jody.”

“You mean that time in the park?”

“No, not then…I certainly didn’t know anything about whether people were gay or straight back then. We were just two kids playing “I’ll Show You Mine If You’ll Show Me Yours.”

“If I remember correctly I didn’t keep my side of the bargain” I said rather lamely.

“Well you were a very shy boy. I remember feeling cheated but I was a real little minx and I hope I’ve grown up a bit since then.” Josie tipped her head back and laughed. “Besides, maybe it would have been an unequal kind of a bargain.”

“What d’you mean?”

“Well in that department, down there, I’ve often felt that guys have an awful lot more to show off – once you take the cock and the balls into account.”

I was suddenly flooded by a warm emotion and I reached out across the table and took Josie’s hand. I really liked her and I was feeling magnanimous. What the hell? If I didn’t get anywhere with Michel in the near future and had to come to the regretful conclusion that he really was straight, maybe I could introduce him to Josie. Just a thought. They’d make a handsome couple I considered.

“Maybe you’d like to meet him” I said.

“Well, you know with my studies… besides I think you should persevere.”

“You reckon?”

“Sure. Why was he telling you about his cock? Perhaps he was sending you a kind of a signal. Maybe he’s just a bit shy. If he starts going on about it again insist on having a look and don’t take “no” for an answer.”

I was beginning to feel that Josie was certainly one of my favourite women and if she wanted to be an honorary “boy” that was fine with me.”


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