GAY MOMENTS: The Boys of Summer


Balmain Publishing has just released my latest story in the GAY MOMENTS series – ‘The Boys of Summer.’ Here is an excerpt –


Although I reckoned he was straight Chanel wasn’t a shy boy and he often walked around our dorm room naked. As he once said to me, “We’re both boys.” But one morning he caught me looking at his rather thick cock and he said in his lilting accent – “What’re you looking at Jay?”

“I was just trying to work out whether your cock is cut or uncut.”

“What does it matter?”

“Just curious, that’s all.”

Now Dear Reader, I wouldn’t blame you for wondering about all this. Surely its fairly straight forward working out whether a guy is circumcised or not? Well, as I was soon to discover, even the most seemingly simple situations in this life can turn complex in a jiffy. Now Chanel took hold of his cock and I noticed it was getting stiff.

“Hey bro” he said, laughing. “I don’t want you getting any ideas because I’ve got a hard-on. I get stiff untold times every day and that’s why I have to jack-off when no-one’s looking. So I don’t want you to go thinking I’ve got the hots for you.” He laughed then said – “Look, you can grab hold of it if you like. It’s just a cock. It’s not gonna bight you.”

Astonished at this development I took hold of the pulsing shaft which was well on its way to becoming as thick as a sauce bottle.

“Now do you see that bit of skin?”

He did indeed have a very short rim of skin that covered the prominent ridge of his cock head when he was soft. But now that the cock was filling fast it had receded, revealing the glistening ridge.

“My big brother Alvin told me that I had the operation when I was a baby but the medicine man was pissed when he was wielding the knife so I got left with this little bit of skin. But hey, I was so young I don’t remember. I just gotta say I don’t mind being this way bro. I suppose you could say I’ve got the best of both worlds. Go on, have a good feel.”

I didn’t have to be asked twice. I took hold of the ridge of skin and pulled it as far forward as it would go. At the same time I took hold of the boy’s rather full balls.

“Oh, I like that… you’ve got a great touch bro. Just a little more pressure on the balls. That’s great Jay. Now give me a look at yours.”

Now this was a totally unexpected development. Did it mean my room-mate was gay after all? Did it mean I was gay?

“But you’ve seen it heaps of times Chanel. In the bathroom when I’m taking a shower.”

“Yeah but not real close-up. Fair is fair. Hey, you’ve still got my dick in your hand.”


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