The Big Cut

In an earlier post I wrote about the phenomenon of the number of female authors writing gay romance and erotica since the advent of the e-book revolution. Of course some male writers have wondered how women can describe gay sexual activity effectively. One aspect I’ve noticed about gay m/m stories written by female authors based in the US (which of course is the biggest e-book market by far) is the fact that they rarely mention or describe uncut cocks. Of course this would be because of the prevalence of male circumcision in the US. Many American women would never have seen an uncut dick let alone touched one. By the way, this reminds me of a dear friend of mine who was a magnificent actress. Over some glasses of white wine we were sharing Pat said, “If you’ve seen two cocks you’ve seen the lot.” When she saw my rather doubtful expression she changed her mind and said, “When you’ve seen six cocks you’ve seen the lot.”

However I digress. Some time ago I read the rather scrumptious “Something Like…” series by Jay Bell. In the first book, ‘Something Like Summer’ a teenage boy born in Europe but now living in America with his family is injured and laid up with a  plaster cast. Because of his injuries he is unable to jack off  so he invites a girl he is keen on to come over to his house (his parents are away) and do the job for him. However when the girl pulls down his underpants she freaks out at the sight of his intact cock. There is no way she can handle it so she quickly departs. The boy then phones a gay friend to come over and whack him off instead. The gay boy who already has a massive crush on his European friend is fascinated by the uncut member and takes on the task with gusto. In this scene the Spanish-American boy refers to the style of his intact cock as the “European standard.” I’d never come across that term before and wondered if it is in common use in the US. By the way I can thoroughly recommend Jay Bell’s “Something Like…” series if you have yet to come across it.

Recently the World Health Organisation estimated that around 33% of males on the planet fifteen and over are circumcised. 70% of these are Muslim. Circumcision is mostly prevalent in the Muslim world, Africa, the United States, the Philippines, Israel and South Korea. In Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom  there has been something of a decline in recent decades.

Before the Second World War and in the post war years male circumcision was popular in Australia. In fact probably the majority of boys were cut. But after the war there were massive waves of immigrants arriving from Europe and then after the dismantling of the White Australia policy in the 70’s there was significant immigration from Asian countries. Today health authorities have stated that in Australia 15% of males are circumcised. Of course this would include Muslim and Jewish boys.

Over many thousand of years circumcision was practiced by the Aboriginal people of Australia. However in the hot desert regions adolescent boys undergoing initiation would have their cocks sub-incised. This involved the cutting open the underside of the shaft from the meatus (or piss slot) down to a position about one inch above the balls. A stone knife would have been used. The “gift” of sub-incision was said to be have been given to the Arrente people by a Lizard Man in the Dreamtime.

In Australian vernacular the term “whistlecock” is sometimes used to describe a sub-incised dick. One disadvantage is that boys who have been cut usually have to sit down or squat when urinating. Some Aboriginal guys carry tubes so that they can direct the flow.

Early anthropologists thought the purpose of treating cocks in this way was to aid homosexual activity. When the sub-incised penis is erect it is much wider than an uncut dick. However the sub-incision was also a form of birth control, necessary in harsh desert conditions. Because of the cut in his urethra when a man is fucking a woman most of the sperm leaks out before it enters the vagina. Many Aboriginal boys who have had the operation swear that it greatly enhances their sexual pleasure when having sex with girls. This is because the nerves that are exposed by the cutting of the cock come in  direct contact with the lining of the vagina. Aboriginal women have also claimed that their pleasure is enhanced because of the great width of the sub-incised cock. Of course boys receiving the attention of such a member would no doubt feel the same. On that note here is an excerpt from my book ‘BRILLIANT BOYS: Icebergs’. In the story our narrator  describes having sex with an Aboriginal boy in the Kimberley region who has a whistlecock –


While I was on a school expedition to the Kimberley region in North Western Australia, one night I met an Aboriginal boy called Toddy. Out in the pretty rank toilets at the back of the Hotel Kununurra he showed me his cock which had been cut in September of the previous year. It looked awesome. Because of the sub-incision the shaft was kind of spread out like some sort of fleshy aircraft.

“Of course Bro, after dat cock was cut I couldn’t even touch it myself for longa time ‘cause of the pain.”

“But I bet since then you’ve thrilled a lot of girls with your cock like that. I mean it’s so thick, so wide.”

“You betcha!” said Toddy giving me a huge grin. Of course at this stage I didn’t also mention that he could have given great pleasure to some boy’s arse. I hadn’t let on that I was gay.

“You know Jody” he said, “We had a real laugh a few weeks ago. You see, we get a lot of dem STD’s up here in the north. Syphilis, HIV, shit like that. So this mob of health workers come up from Perth from this organization called Healthway or some bullshit. Anyway they want to educate all us boys about safe sex so dey bring all these crates of rubbers, frangers y’know? And I tell you what boss, all dem boys cut like me got no hope of wearin’ dem condoms. Too plurry small!”

The boy lowered his voice to a confidential whisper. “But I tell you what boss, it’s not only the sheila gets a big thrill outa dick cut like mine.” My heart leapt with joy. I assumed that Toddy was going to tell me that his mighty cock had pleasured boys as well. He lifted up his hard shaft to give me a closer look at the gaping wound beneath.

“You see, because we cut like that the nerves get exposed and get direct contact, rubbing against the inside of the cunt. You ‘aint felt anythin’ like it Bro. Paradise!”

I wasn’t very confident but I felt I had to have a go.

“Look, Toddy, you ever tried to shove that up a boy’s arse?”

He backed away from me as if I’d just told him I was HIV positive.

“Hey Bro! You queer or somethin’?”

“Well I just thought…”

After what seemed like half an hour of persuasion and the promise of a cold carton of Emu Bitter Toddy agreed to “experiment.” I kicked off my jeans and peeled off my underpants. The boy wasn’t very shy about taking hold of my balls and examining my foreskin. Then he spat on his fingers and probed my hole.

“Gee Bro, you plurry tight. I don’ know if I can make it fit.”

“I’m sure you’ll give it a good try” I said hopefully.

I bent over and a moment later I felt the boy’s cock head nudging against my arse hole. God, I felt as if I was being impaled by a Doric column taken from a Greek temple. I had hold of my arse cheeks, trying to spread myself as much as possible. Very gradually Toddy was able to work his cock head into my rectum.

“You OK Bro?”

“Yeah, sure Toddy” I said rather tentatively. I was hoping that nothing was going to tear down there. But what the hell, I knew from my somewhat limited experience of having my arse ploughed that my muscles would soon give up their stiff opposition if I can put it like that and become more welcoming.

“You ready to take the rest?” said the boy.

“Yeah, I think so. Just push very slowly.”

My God, usually once a boy has managed to get my sphincter muscles to accept his cock head it’s plain sailing and I have no trouble accepting the rest of the shaft up to his balls. But this! There was no relief. After Toddy’s head had entered, of course the cock got wider and wider and my muscles were painfully stretched. For a moment I felt an impulse to move forward thus losing the cock but Toddy had other ideas. He grabbed my hips and pushed his thick cock all the way home until I could feel the slap of his balls. He then fucked me hard whilst pulling on my cock at the same time. Just thinking about having that marvellous exotic cock right up me made me want to come and I was sure I could feel the boy’s cock swelling even bigger in my arse. He was on the edge. Toddy gave a great cry and I came at just about the same time, splashing my cum all over the toilet bowl. I felt the boy withdrawing although his cock was still swollen. I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity so I turned round just in time to see the cum leaking out of the cut in his cock. I knew I’d had a pretty unique experience and I couldn’t wait to tell some of my school friends. Well, the two or three who were gay and whom I could safely spill the beans to just as Toddy had just spilled his spunk.

As I was going through my Google cock stories in my room I wondered about Toddy. Where was he now? What was he doing? Who was he doing? Hey, he might even be married by now I considered and thinking about bringing up a family. The fuck in the dunny with the winged cock was probably a lucky break for me I thought. Unique.



FREE BOOK Mad About The Boy: Orlando

johnfaitken-72dpi-1500x2000 (4)

My book ‘MAD ABOUT THE BOY: Orlando’ will be available for free downloading from Amazon Kindle from Thursday 9th of April until Monday the 13th inclusive.

Here is an excerpt –


The drunken sleep-over inspired us to open up a small experimental theatre in the basement. We decided to premier a play set in Ancient Greece that I had written called Marathon. It was about young Athenian gay soldiers fighting the Persians alongside their boyfriends. This meant that they were virtually unconquerable. Of course their commanders knew that the boys would fight fiercely, not so much for their own lives but to save the lives of their lovers.

The play had several key scenes where the two main characters had to appear on stage naked. This was a ‘first’ for our small conservative city and as soon as we announced the season the phone in the box office was ringing merrily.

Of course Stephen and I had to audition a whole army of stunning young men for the play. We had to ensure historical authenticity because the statuary and painted vases that have come down to us from Ancient Greece suggest that men in that age had intact cocks. This meant that during the auditions the boys had to strip off and reveal all. I was in my element and I secretly hoped that the sight of so many magnificent young cocks parading before us would help Stephen make up his mind about his own sexuality.

At first we thought that we would have very few takers but we were besieged! Although we put the word around and told the talent agencies that the successful boys would have to be intact we did have a couple of circumcised boys try it on… hoping we wouldn’t notice I guess. Fat chance! I really felt sorry for one boy called Derek who had a magnificent but severely circumcised member. As he walked onto the tiny stage illuminated by harsh work lamps and I saw the cut cock I shook my head regretfully. Derek, however, was desperate to be cast. “I can disguise it. Maybe if I get a bit of band aid – you know, flesh coloured? I can stick it over the head and we can get away with it.” I was tempted for a moment because the young man had proven himself to be a fine actor in the earlier stages of the audition. And then I considered that our new theatre was so intimate that people in the front row were so close they could reach out and touch the actors if they wanted to. I could imagine giggles breaking out on opening night at the sight of a sticking plaster foreskin.


Hope you enjoy it,




Writing Gay Erotica


This is a bit of an update on other posts I’ve written about writing gay erotica. Because I write gay romance and erotica I believe its important for me to keep up with the work of other authors in the genre. Consequently I’ve come across some wonderful writers in this field such as Anthony McDonald and Jeff Funk. And yet there is also an awful lot of junk out there in the e-book ether claiming to be gay romance or erotica when in actual fact it is porn – and all too often not very good porn at that. You know the kind of thing – we are barely introduced to a couple of gay ‘characters’ before they jump in bed for long repetitive scenes of sucking, rimming and fucking. If I know very little about these characters, where they came from, what their ambitions are, what their demons are and so on – then I often find their sexual activity very boring. Of course I do realize that there is a market for this kind of thing, many readers just wanting a hot quickie at bed time and so on but it’s just not to my taste. When I’m not reading gay stories I love the classics. At the moment I’m reading Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope.

I’ve also mentioned in other posts and in my writings that I’m fascinated by the number of women writing gay erotica since the dawn of the e-book revolution. I know that some observers have put forward the question – can the gals really write this stuff if they don’t possess the right equipment? But hey, men have been writing about women having sex for hundreds of years. And you really don’t have to have experience as a serial killer in order to write a murder mystery. In  fact I have to say that quite often when women tackle gay stories they can be quite convincing. The stories of Sara York are perhaps a case in point. However I do feel that the gals sometimes, when writing about physical encounters between gay guys, too often have have an excess of kissing and hugging, weeping and dribbling over each other. And sometimes they do betray their lack of knowledge of what it is really like to be a gay sexually active man. In one collection of short stories by a woman that I read recently, which interestingly enough was set in India, one tale had a boy sucking his partner’s two “ball sacs” individually. Now as far as I am aware nearly all guys have one scrotum. Although interestingly enough, I’ve recently come across a book on Amazon Kindle written by a guy who was born with two cocks. In the same story in the Indian collection another gay character is having an orgasm when he decides to stop and save his juice. Now I think that most guys would realize that once you have reached the point of orgasm there is no turning back. You are at the point of no return! In another story in the collection a young man who has arranged for a crowd of boys to come round to his apartment for sex, unaccountably sits on the edge of his bath tub and jacks off and spurts moments before the guys are due to arrive. Of course shortly after the boys do appear our main character has another raging hard on. No problems!

I’m fascinated by a vision I have of women writing gay erotica. A scene comes to mind inspired by some of those old wholesome TV shows… Leave It To Beaver, Father Knows Best, The Brady Bunch… and so on. Hubby goes off to work. Mum has packed lunch boxes for her kids and they go off to catch the school bus. Then she can’t wait to get to her computer to churn out the next story about cute gay boys doing outrageous things to each other.