Writing Gay Erotica


This is a bit of an update on other posts I’ve written about writing gay erotica. Because I write gay romance and erotica I believe its important for me to keep up with the work of other authors in the genre. Consequently I’ve come across some wonderful writers in this field such as Anthony McDonald and Jeff Funk. And yet there is also an awful lot of junk out there in the e-book ether claiming to be gay romance or erotica when in actual fact it is porn – and all too often not very good porn at that. You know the kind of thing – we are barely introduced to a couple of gay ‘characters’ before they jump in bed for long repetitive scenes of sucking, rimming and fucking. If I know very little about these characters, where they came from, what their ambitions are, what their demons are and so on – then I often find their sexual activity very boring. Of course I do realize that there is a market for this kind of thing, many readers just wanting a hot quickie at bed time and so on but it’s just not to my taste. When I’m not reading gay stories I love the classics. At the moment I’m reading Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope.

I’ve also mentioned in other posts and in my writings that I’m fascinated by the number of women writing gay erotica since the dawn of the e-book revolution. I know that some observers have put forward the question – can the gals really write this stuff if they don’t possess the right equipment? But hey, men have been writing about women having sex for hundreds of years. And you really don’t have to have experience as a serial killer in order to write a murder mystery. In  fact I have to say that quite often when women tackle gay stories they can be quite convincing. The stories of Sara York are perhaps a case in point. However I do feel that the gals sometimes, when writing about physical encounters between gay guys, too often have have an excess of kissing and hugging, weeping and dribbling over each other. And sometimes they do betray their lack of knowledge of what it is really like to be a gay sexually active man. In one collection of short stories by a woman that I read recently, which interestingly enough was set in India, one tale had a boy sucking his partner’s two “ball sacs” individually. Now as far as I am aware nearly all guys have one scrotum. Although interestingly enough, I’ve recently come across a book on Amazon Kindle written by a guy who was born with two cocks. In the same story in the Indian collection another gay character is having an orgasm when he decides to stop and save his juice. Now I think that most guys would realize that once you have reached the point of orgasm there is no turning back. You are at the point of no return! In another story in the collection a young man who has arranged for a crowd of boys to come round to his apartment for sex, unaccountably sits on the edge of his bath tub and jacks off and spurts moments before the guys are due to arrive. Of course shortly after the boys do appear our main character has another raging hard on. No problems!

I’m fascinated by a vision I have of women writing gay erotica. A scene comes to mind inspired by some of those old wholesome TV shows… Leave It To Beaver, Father Knows Best, The Brady Bunch… and so on. Hubby goes off to work. Mum has packed lunch boxes for her kids and they go off to catch the school bus. Then she can’t wait to get to her computer to churn out the next story about cute gay boys doing outrageous things to each other.



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