Free Book: GAY MOMENTS The Beach of Dreams


The latest story in my GAY MOMENTS series ‘The Beach of Dreams will be available for free downloading from Amazon Kindle from Thursday the 7th of May until Monday the 11th of May inclusive. Here is a brief extract –


As we travelled down through the Cape the Viennese boy and I seemed to be drawing closer to each other. What had started as a holiday romance at the Happy Surfies’ Haven in Margaret River was developing into something much deeper and more complex. The boy no longer talked very much about the American boyfriend he’d left in Vienna.

At last, deep in the South West, we came across the Boranup Forest. We had been warned about this place in Margaret River. The forest was said to be enchanted. Cursed would probably be a better term. It is the only place in Western Australia (and therefore in the world) where gigantic karri trees grow next to the sea. The local Aboriginal people of the Noongar tribe believe this is a sign that the forest is haunted and they won’t go anywhere near it. It is said that if a pregnant woman goes into the place then she will definitely have a miscarriage.

Sebastian and I decided to brave the Boranup and after driving for miles along a dirt track we eventually came across a vision splendid: a brilliant, seemingly endless beach where scores of naked boys were surfing. They were also (mostly) some of the most beautiful boys I’d ever seen.

“The Beach of Dreams” breathed Sebastian. “I knew we’d find it.”

“The Boys of Summer” I murmured. I suddenly became somewhat nervous. Did the Boys of Summer belong to a secret society? Would they welcome visitors? Would they attack us? Could you actually join the Boys of Summer? If so, did they have certain standards as far as looks were concerned? Well if that was the case I felt that Sebastian would have no problem at all. I quickly noticed that many of the boys on the beach or out in the surf were intact so the Viennese boy with his luxuriant foreskin would certainly fit in. No, I was more worried about whether I would be accepted by the Boys of Summer. Whereas Sebastian was definitely beautiful some of my friends (in their kinder moments) had told me I fitted into the ‘kinda cute’ category. Well I wondered, would kinda cute get me into the Boys of Summer?

Shortly after we arrived at the beach I parked our hired Toyota in an unobtrusive spot beneath a clump of karri trees. We unpacked our gear including two surf boards on the roof rack that I’d bought in Margaret River. Of course we took off our clothes as quickly as possible. We didn’t want to stand out like sore pricks.

As we strolled down towards the water’s edge I felt relaxed and completely at home. From his happy, glowing expression I guessed that Sebastian was feeling the same way. Several of the boys out on the swell waved to us and one young guy came running across the sand towards us. His name was Steve and when he discovered we were both surfing novices he offered to give us lessons. Sebastian accepted enthusiastically but I said that, for the moment, I’d be happy enough just to watch. Steve had moderately long blonde hair and the brightest blue eyes I’d ever seen. His chest was hairless and his torso tapered down to a thin waist. His uncut cock was, I figured, a bit longer than average – about seven inches fully erect I guessed – and his cute balls were in tight mode.

Well, after the initial training on the beach during which Sebastian learned how to change the direction of a surf boat by shifting his weight, both boys took to the water. Sebastian proved to be a natural and he was soon surfing the waves as if he’d been doing it all his life. Of course, now that he was naked, with his slender body, ivory-coloured and touched here and there with suggestions of gold, he presented a breathtakingly graceful sight. Some boys out on the water whistled and I noticed that Sebastian’s beauty had stopped many of the lads on the beach in their tracks. Was it my imagination or were there plenty of healthy-looking cocks on the Beach of Dreams throbbing and pulsing and lifting at the sight of my Viennese boy?


I hope you enjoy reading it,



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