Glorifying the Glory Hole


So far in Malaysia I have not come across any glory holes in the saunas that I’ve visited. This may be because the owners do not wish to provide such graphic hints of the kind of action that goes on in these places to be visible to inquisitive visiting authorities. Of course glory holes are openings in walls or partitions between two rooms and placed at an appropriate height from the floor. They are usually generous enough so that the guy seeking satisfaction can insert his cock and his ‘satisfier’ on the other side can fondle his balls as well as wank or suck the offered cock.

Naturally enough the glory hole has an air of mystery. Who is on the other side? A spunky young guy or a wizened old bloke with an obscenely distended gut? Quite often the cock by its appearance and feel will offer some clues. If it’s smooth and silky and really hard you could make an educated guess that the owner is a toned young man or maybe a cute twink. Or perhaps an older fellow souped up on Viagra? That’s the mystery. Often the term ‘glory’ can be seen to be a bit of an exaggeration when you are presented with the evidence coming through the hole, but it’s the thought that counts.

Actually I suppose you could say that an addiction to glory holes is something of a sexual fetish. One of its main attractions is in the way it allows your imagination to run riot. Who is on the other side? A prince or an assassin? A pilot or a powerful executive? Does he have a boyfriend? Is he married – to a woman? Does he have a family? Of course you don’t know and yet you are linked (albeit anonymously as well as amorously) in the most intimate manner. If the sauna is not too crowded then once you have unloaded (or your partition partner has blown) you may be able to go out and work out who you just had sex with. Recently in a sauna in Melbourne I was waiting by a glory hole when I was delighted to see a very dark uncut cock coming through the opening. It was very hard and it had two prominent veins. I wanked the loose foreskin and then went down on the smooth, wet head. It wasn’t long before pre-cum glistened from the piss-slot. I also practised (this is a technique I love to use at glory holes) the double decker or sandwich wank. I don’t know if there is another term to describe it. I put my cock on top of the other guy’s dick and then wank both of them. For this it’s best if both boys are uncut. On this occasion I was impressed at how generously my dark friend was equipped with skin.

Shortly after we’d finished I left the room with the glory hole and saw a dark-skinned young guy walking towards the showers. There weren’t very many customers in the venue at the time so I reasoned this must be my dark prince. I thought he must be Indian or maybe a lad from some South Pacific island. I got something of a thrill watching him, knowing that I’d just had his generous cock in my mouth but he had no idea who I was. Voyeurism forever!

Of course not all encounters at glory holes remain anonymous. Once I was linked to a guy via a glory hole in what Sydney’s Steamworks sauna calls their ‘Suckerama.’ Now let me explain. If you feel like having your cock sucked you go up to the third floor of the sauna. Once there you then go up a short flight of steps to discover a row of small rooms, or cubicles. On a platform in front of you there is a large television monitor showing endless gay porn. Beneath this, in the wall, guess what, there is an aperture where you can present your cock and balls. On the other side of the wall, but on a lower level there is another row of cubicles that are inhabited by guys who want to suck cock. Because of the lower level the sucker can remain standing whilst he sucks what is on offer. No uncomfortable stooping or kneeling on a hard floor. Is there no limit to gay sexual ingenuity? There should be an award!

Anyway, on this particular afternoon I felt like doing some sucking so I went into one of the lower cubicles. Soon I was rewarded. From the look and the colour of the uncut cock on offer I reasoned the owner was probably a young Chinese guy.

After about fifteen minutes of sucking and wanking he bent down, looked at me through the hole and said: “Why don’t we go and find a room?”

I went outside and shortly after met a beautiful young Chinese boy, probably no older than nineteen. Steamworks is a great place to link up with Chinese guys. It’s on the edge of Chinatown and very close to two universities. All of the Chinese boys who go to the venue are not necessarily gay. I reckon that some of them are probably quite straight or at least bi – but are probably too hard up to go out on dates with women. It’s much cheaper for them to go to Steamworks and get their rocks off.

The Chinese boy led me to a room and lay down on a mattress. Before me lay the most beautiful Chinese guy I had ever been with. A luscious cock and pair of firm, full balls. After some more rather conventional wanking and sucking I decided that this young man was so fantastically clean that I wanted to do something that I would usually not consider on a first acquaintance.  I lifted his legs, put them on my shoulders, bent down and took his balls in my mouth. After a while I started to lick the intimate area between his testicles and arse hole. Then with my tongue I explored the hairless rim. He groaned with pleasure and I thrust my tongue into the opening. Now here was a different kind of glory hole!

He gave another groan and said: “Please… put one of your fingers up my arse.”

“Just one finger? Certainly. With pleasure.”

I went to a dispenser and put plenty of lube on one of my index fingers. Putting his spread legs back on my shoulders I gently started to push my finger into the fragrantly clean hole. At first I just pushed it in up to the first knuckle.

“More” he smiled. I slid my finger all the way in then I started to fuck him with it. After this had gone on for some time and I was lost in an erotic oriental dream born out of a sauna glory hole the boy said: “Now I want to fuck you.”

He got me to lie down on my stomach, slid a condom over his cock and knelt behind me. I spread my legs.

“No, no! Close your legs.”

I did so, he lay on top of me and started to slide his sheathed cock up and down between the cheeks of my arse. After a while he said: “Now open.” He slid his cock up my hole and made soft moaning sounds as it glided up and down. He came and then examined the contents of the condom. He offered it to me – I put my finger in and tasted his fragrant cum.

After we parted I reflected – there is something very erotic about pushing your finger up the arse hole of a boy whose name you do not know and probably never will know.

However there are certain dangers about having sex via glory holes. After initial wanking and sucking some guys may try to impale themselves on your cock. Meaning they will turn round and take it up their arse. If you are up for it then this will be okay as long as you wear a condom. Of course you will feel the flutter of rubber coming over your cock before they start to push themselves onto it.

Recently a young friend of mine was being sucked off at a glory hole in a Sydney sauna. He was transported by the subtle nature of the blowjob he was getting. The guy on the other side was obviously an expert. His mouth was very wet and every now and then there was a very gentle touch of teeth. Then there was a brief pause in the action and my friend felt there was a subtle change to the sensation he was enjoying. He then realized his unprotected cock was up the arse of the boy on the other side of the partition. He pulled out, wiped himself and felt he’d learned a lesson.

– An excerpt from ‘Burmese Boy – A Gay Sexual Odyssey’ by Kevin Armstrong.



    • I had a similar experience in a Sydney sauna.

      This boy was sucking me through a gloryhole and there was also a brief pause. But I felt a condom slip onto my cock and then a warm smoothe hole push against my cock. I slipped in and he power bottomed me hard.

      Just as my balls tightened he pulled off me and I almost screamed. But then he pulled the condom off and went back to sucking me.

      Blew a huge load. This post reminds me off that awesome experience. Thanks bro.


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