Mainly About Balls

Getting back to my most recent visit to Steamworks in Perth – after showering I went into the small dry sauna. There was one young guy already in there and from his tanned-all-over body you could tell that he was a beach or pool devotee. Mr Tanned was sitting on a bench slowly pulling his uncut cock. I sat next to him. After watching him at work for a while I decided to find out if he wanted a hand. I gently touched his thigh. He flashed me a big smile and said “That’s OK but I’m looking after myself at the moment. But thanks for the offer.” I watched him continue with his stroking. After a while he looked at me and said: “You can hold my balls if you want.” I did want so I took them in my hand. They were in low-hanging mode and I found this interesting. I was able to gently roll them around. My Burmese boyfriend has very tight balls usually which have a very cute appearance but obviously you can’t manipulate them as much. Mr Tanned appeared to be enjoying my grasp. After a while he murmured: “You can wank me now if you want.” I took his rather large and fairly thick cock in hand. “Just do it slowly. I just want to be wanked at the moment, I don’t want to be sucked.” So I sat there in the dry sauna pulling Mr Tanned’s uncut cock for the next twenty minutes or so. I especially appreciated the thick foreskin and wondered what it would be like to stick my tongue through the lips. Finally Mr Tanned said: “Gotta have a rest – I want to hold out until much nearer closing time but thanks for the help anyway.”

This incident made me recall another visit I had to Steamworks involving ball holding. I’d been wandering around wearing my towel wondering about prospects when I went into one of the rooms. There was a television monitor high on the wall depicting some boys having a circle wank. On a mattress on the floor of the room a young boy was avidly watching the porn whilst energetically wanking his uncut cock. When I say young, he was a very slim boy, obviously on the verge of being “just-legal.” Eighteen or a young nineteen at the most. I squatted next to him on the mattress but he didn’t acknowledge my presence – he was completely caught up in wanking; his own and the circle wank on the video. I sensed that he was quite happy with his own hand so I took his fairly loose balls in mine and gently rolled them and squeezed them. Still, the boy had his eyes glued to the video monitor. There was not a flicker of recognition that a perfect stranger was holding his balls. Eventually however nature intervened, the head of his cock bulged, his hips bucked and I took his cock in my hand. Silently he came all over my own cock and balls. All of this occurred in perfect silence, we hadn’t exchanged a word.

On the same occasion at Steamworks I nearly ran into an Asian young man who was severely physically handicapped – “physically challenged” as the politically correct would put it. The young Oriental’s left arm was severely twisted and his back was hunched. I thought he might have been a Thalidomide victim. He had to use a walking stick and he shuffled sideways like a crab. I noticed that he had a cute thick cock. I thought of reaching out and tugging it. Maybe I would suggest we could go into a dark corner so I could suck it. However I held back. The boy had rather a severe, angry look. How would he react to my approach? Would he accuse me of being patronizing? Or even worse – pitying? Well, I never found out – I was too much of a coward and he went scuttling off into the nether regions of Steamworks. Well, if the Chinese guy with the walking stick was around next time I visited the sauna I promised myself I really would reach out…

An excerpt from ‘Burmese Boy – a Gay Sex Odyssey’ by Kevin Armstrong.