The Artist and the Client, Chapter 3

A graphic piece of writing!


I lay there looking at Bernie. He had made me feel so good and now my cock was flaccid. He kissed the tip and and said, “Now what am I gonna do with you?…….I need you hard.” Reaching out I held his balls in my hand, pulling the loose skin, watching as his cock swayed up and down. I leaned into him and licked the tip. Drops of clear pre-cum were oozing out as I continued licking. Taking the head into my mouth, I heard him moan. Bernie grabbed my head gently and held it as he began thrusting in and out, he was fucking my mouth. I loved being held like that, I felt like a cock whore, I loved how that felt. I felt so naughty.

I felt his balls tightening in my hand as I reached around and held his smooth hairless ass. “Ooooooooooh……yes……I……I……I’mmmmmm…..gonna cum G,” he…

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Penis Survey


I recently read an interesting post on a blog about a survey that had been carried out by Swiss doctors of reactions to penises. A group of women were shown more than a hundred photos of cocks and asked to comment on colour, skin tone, veins, length (of course!), girth and the colour and shape of the heads. I wondered why gay men weren’t included in the assessment group. I also thought that it was curious that foreskins (or absence of same) were not mentioned.

GAY DIMENSIONS: Coming Together

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My new novella GAY DIMENSIONS: Coming Together has just been published on Amazon Kindle. Although it is the first book in a series it may be read as a stand-alone story. Here is an excerpt –

 “Summer had arrived and at Alston High swimming lessons had re-commenced. Because the local municipal pool was undergoing renovations the sessions had been moved down to the river. When the busses parked near the jetty all the boys in Raphael’s class headed for the change rooms. The air was filled with laughter and jokes as the boys looked forward with excited anticipation to the swimming lessons. The swim coach was Ed Dawkins and most of the lads thought he was pretty cool and easy going. He had a pretty good body with well-defined muscles thought Raphael. Actually when he took his clothes off and changed into his bathers he could easily be mistaken for a student.

Raphael was rather amazed when he saw Christopher heading towards the boys’ change room. The boy who always looked rather delicate was fairly notorious for getting out of doing sports. He suffered from asthma and on some days he could be heard wheezing at the back of the class room. Raphael had also seen him using a Ventolin puffer from time to time. One of Raphael’s mates, Ron Jenkins, who was cynical beyond his years, reckoned it would be fairly easy to fake a bout of asthma. However Raphael considered that Christopher would never stoop to that. He seemed such a genuine boy who, in Raphael’s opinion, could do no wrong. However he was surprised to see him attending swimming class.

Raphael was even more surprised when, inside the boys’ change room, Christopher walked over, put his towel on the bench and started to change beside him. Off came the grey school shirt. Then the shorts. Oh my God, Raphael was getting hard inside his own shorts.

Then Christopher peeled off his underpants and stood there for a moment, seemingly staring at the brick wall in front of him. Raphael had no choice – he was compelled to look sideways at the gorgeous cock he’d dreamed of so often. It was even more beautiful than he’d imagined and yes, the dick was intact. Raphael was itching to reach out, take hold of the foreskin and push it back so he could have a good look at the cock head. But of course, such an act was impossible in this place. He’d never live it down and he might get a good bashing for his trouble. But Raphael, as he stood there, felt as if all his muscles had frozen. He was mesmerized. He couldn’t take his eyes off the boy’s cock and Christopher wasn’t making any move to put on his bathers. Surely he must be aware that I’m staring at his cock thought Raphael? However he knew he couldn’t just stand there as if time had frozen over. Reluctantly he looked away and started to peel off his own underpants. He was relieved that he’d given his arse a good wash in the shower that morning and hadn’t been for a crap since. He would have died if there had been skid marks. Stepping out of his nickers, Raphael stood there for a moment letting his hard cock swing free. He hoped that in the stillness of the moment Christopher was having a good look. However he didn’t dare pull his own foreskin back to display his shiny head in case anyone else was watching.

Then there was the sudden shrill blast of a whistle.

“All right you boys, hurry it along there! When you’ve got your bathers on I want you to gather on the jetty!” shouted Ed Dawkins the swimming coach. The master always started his swimming sessions with a lecture on safety.

After the boys had been put through their paces learning the finer points of the breast and butterfly strokes, the swimming sessions usually ended up with a game of water polo. Again Raphael was surprised to find Christopher next to him. At one stage when they both went diving after the ball their bodies became entangled and for a moment Raphael was amazed to feel the hardness of the other boy’s cock against his own. But of course their organs were still entrapped in swim suits. What blissful torture thought Raphael.

Over the next few days when he awoke in his bedroom every morning the first image that entered Raphael’s mind was of Christopher’s cock. Once again he was able to see the ivory shaft with one very thin, sensitive-looking vein. And the tip of the cock head looking out through the lips of the foreskin. And the lovely balls in full, tight mode. Oh God, Raphael could hardly pull his own cock fast enough. He wondered if there was any medical or psychic condition known as ‘cock fever’ or something like that. Each morning as he splashed his own hot cum on his stomach he knew he would have to do something about it. But what? Should he invite Christopher to go to the movies? And in the darkness of the Ambassadors…? But wouldn’t that seem rather wet? Well wetness was what he wanted. Christopher’s cum as well as his own. In the early mornings in the minutes before his mum shouted up the stairs Raphael, in the back of his mind, had to admit to himself that what was holding him back was the fear of rejection. Rejection by Christopher. He wouldn’t be able to bear it – that would be a life-destroying event. When girls had told him after he’d probed their pussies with his fingers in the movies that they didn’t want to go ‘all the way’ he hadn’t been too distressed. There was always some other girl to be felt. But there was only one Christopher. That was the point.”

  • From GAY DIMENSIONS: Coming Together by Kevin Armstrong