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The second story in my GAY DIMENSIONS series has just been published on Amazon Kindle. Here is an extract –


“After he’d flagged down the taxi Raphael had told the driver he wanted to go to St Vincent’s Hospital. Now as they were headed towards the Cross the young African said – “I hope you don’t mind me asking bro, but you checking in for an operation?”

“Nah. Visiting my boyfriend. He’s been in a coma.”

The driver whistled as he eased his way through the traffic. Raphael found himself giving in to an old habit – swivelling his eyes sideways. It certainly looked as if the black boy had a massive hard on. Raphael could make out the shape of the cock head encased in denim. All at once the driver reached down and unselfconsciously re-arranged himself.

“Ah, dat feels a lot better” breathed the boy. “I don’t know about you but I always get hard in de morning. Maybe I shoulda taken care of it before startin’ work.”

Raphael tried to ignore the obvious hint but he felt himself getting hard. Was it only twenty minutes ago when he was squirting on his sheets? Well, he considered, African boys always had this kind of effect on him so why not just enjoy it?

“You haven’t got a boyfriend to take care of it for you?” stuttered Raphael.

“I got plenty of boyfriends, too many boyfriends and they all black. I tell you what, I really love fuckin’ white boys when I get the chance. Especially boguns. You know… real rough trade. White trash… that’s what I’m into bro.”

Raphael swallowed and wondered if the black boy considered him to be white trash.

“What’s your name bro?” said the driver as he turned into Victoria Street.


“Raphael? Wow!” laughed the boy. “Dat sounds like somethin’ out of a movie. Some really old fashioned black-and-white movie maybe. My name’s Amos and I’m from de Congo. Hey bro, now that de introductions are over would you like to have a look?”

Raphael swallowed again and nodded.

“Great. Just undo my zipper and you can take it out if you want.”

Raphael looked around nervously. Then leaning over, he unzipped the black boy. Reaching into the opening he took hold of the massive shaft and manoeuvred it, trying to secure its release. Amos tried to assist by moving his hips. All at once the huge black cock sprung free and Raphael was mesmerized. He reached in again and took out a pair of massive black balls. Of course, as he’d expected, the cock was circumcised. The shaft was jet black and criss-crossed by bunches of veins. Taking the weighty member in hand Raphael moved it about and realized that he was looking at probably the biggest piss-slot he’d ever seen. As with some other African boys Raphael had come across, the cock head was a lighter colour than the shaft. This one was mostly burgundy in colour with a shading into purple near the prominent ridge. Raphael couldn’t resist running his fingers over it and stroking the ultra-sensitive region underneath the head.

“Aw, dat feels great man” said Amos. “You know why I’m so glad I came to Australia? Well I’ll tell you. Apart from being able to eat any time I want to – unlike in de Congo – so many of you white boys here are uncut with dese awesome foreskins. You gonna give me a look?”

Raphael laughed and reaching down he unzipped himself and released his cock into the early morning light. Amos looked down and gave a whoop of joy.

“You see, what did I tell you? You white boys… bro, dat is some piece of skin. My hands are juss itchin’ but I gotta keep hold of de wheel. Could you pull it back for me?” Pull it right back and show me all of de head.”

Raphael did as he was told and the Congolese boy breathed softly.

“Aw, dat is just so cool. De head, it’s so smooth and shiny. Too bad you got a boyfriend bro, I wouldn’t mind goin’ down on dat.”

Raphael looked down and felt a surge of pride. His cock was almost glowing in the early morning light. He was glad he’d taken the time to have a shower before leaving the apartment, he would have felt mortified if any tell-tale particles of cheesy smegma had been exposed when he’d pulled his skin back. Smegma was one problem that cut boys never had to worry about.

Now Raphael started to stroke Amos’s cock as they sped towards the hospital. Just as they were approaching the emergency entrance of St Vincent’s Hospital the Congolese boy gave a loud gasp and came all over Raphael’s hands.”



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