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Asian men_04Asian men in the U.S. are saddled with a troubling range of stereotypes: Whether framed as docile and submissive or rigid and emotionless, the perception is of a group so devoid of intimacy as to be certifiably sexless. Meanwhile, attempts to challenge this haven’t been well received. The first TV show in recent memory to depict an Asian man in a romantic lead, ABC’s sitcom Selfie, starring John Cho, was recently cancelled after 13 episodes.

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An Invitation

An excerpt from ‘Burmese Boy: A Gay Sex Odyssey’ by Kevin Armstrong


A few weeks later I went round to a friend’s place to help him with his homework. John was in the year below me at high school and he needed a hand with his English composition. We were working in the kitchen of his house, his parents were out and we were nearing the end of the necessary five pages. He was wearing a white tee shirt and faded blue jeans. They weren’t faded because of fashion, but through washing. His folks were fairly poor and they lived in a state house.

As John was putting his books away in his school bag he looked at me as if he was sizing me up. Then I could have sworn he looked at the bulge in my shorts.

“Kev, why don’t we go over the pine forest for a bit of a wank? Have you ever done it with another guy?”

“Well – ”

“I reckon it’s a lot more fun…. doing it with someone else. When I’m on my own, after I cum sometimes, I feel pretty bad, as if I should feel guilty you know? But if I’m with another boy it feels all right. I’ve done it a few times with Brian but he’s gone to Melbourne with his folks.”

I could feel myself hardening and I knew I would go with John to the pine forest. Besides, I already felt I knew what it took to invite another boy to go wanking. How embarrassing and hurtful it would be if you got a knock back! This would be my first shared time since Jason and I was curious to see how it would go.

In the pine forest the trees were already throwing dark shadows. I stepped out of my shorts and John slid out of his jeans. For a moment we stood examining each other. From his expression he seemed to approve of what jutted out from between my legs and I thought he had the most beautiful cock I’d seen up to that point. Well, I’d really only seen Jason’s in close up and that was pretty spectacular. Apart from that the only other cocks I’d seen were caught in fleeting glimpses in the change rooms at school. John’s cock had a kind of golden colour and it almost seemed to glow. The foreskin seemed short, cute and neat and the head was beautifully shaped. A prominent vein ran along the centre of his shaft which I guessed to be six inches long and his balls were tight and full. At the base of his cock he already had a fairly luxuriant black bush.

To my surprise John started to wank his own cock whilst he stared at mine. Although we were standing close together he made no attempt to wank my cock. Was this how he did it with Brian? I was slightly disappointed but I didn’t want to touch him there if he wasn’t into that. Besides just looking at him pulling his own glorious cock was sufficient to make me wank furiously  and pretty soon I gushed a heavy load on the pine needles.

“Gee, that was terrific Kev!” John laughed. “I reckon you’ve been storing that up for a while. Isn’t that a great feeling? It’s kinda impossible to describe.”

John kept on wanking whilst I shook the last of the drops off my cock. “I don’t know Kev, I’m pretty envious of you… having that feeling. I’m not getting anything yet. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to cum at all today.”

Now this took me by surprise. I’d never heard of any boy who started to wank but wasn’t actually able to cum. Well, I thought maybe I’d be able to help him out. I’d take the bull by the horn as it were. I took one step closer and took his pretty cock in my hand. He darted me a surprised look but when I started to tug a huge grin spread across his face. Soon enough he was spurting his spunk all over my own deflated cock and balls.


FREE BOOK: Burmese Boy


Pssst! This is a message for my Dear Followers. My book ‘BURMESE BOY: A Gay Sex Odyssey’ will be available for FREE DOWNLOADING between the 18th and the 20th of November inclusive. This is a brief excerpt –


I made my first visit to Day Thermos a couple of years ago. As I left the locker area wrapped in a blue towel I wondered if I would be welcomed by the regulars. I’m Caucasian and past “the first bloom of youth” as the saying goes. Clichés again. I needn’t have worried. Within a minute or so of entering the small, dark steam sauna area (more about this region later) and sitting on a bench, I had a black, thick uncut cock pushed into my hand. As my eyes adjusted to the gloom I saw that I was sitting next to a very handsome young Indian fellow. Over the next ten minutes or so I helped him release his load. With my wrist feeling a little the worse for wear (clichés!) I politely refused his helping hand or lips as I had more exploring to do.

I mounted a metal staircase to the next level. I quickly saw that this mostly consisted of a busy shower area, the small gym mentioned above and a corridor which ran past a row of small rooms. Because it was mid-afternoon most of the doors were still open but there were plenty of guys of varying ages looking out for prospects. By the way, although “money boys” can be something of a pest in Thailand’s saunas I’ve never been asked for money in a sauna in Malaysia or Singapore.

A young Malaysian boy was making gestures and I realized he wanted me to go into one of the rooms. We didn’t exchange a word – we didn’t have to. I quickly realized that he wanted to be blown. One of things I love about many Malaysian boys (and there are plenty of other factors let me tell you) is their smooth, almost hairless bodies. Your hand sweeps down over the golden chest, the flat stomach… and encounters a sudden glorious jungle – a luxurious bunch of glistening black pubic hair enshrining a smooth uncut cock. His foreskin was just the length that I like – sufficient to cover the glans when in repose but without too much “overhang” which, visually, can be a little gross. Or am I being too fussy? Actually I’ve found that most Malay and Thai boys (maybe I’m just lucky) tend to have their foreskins neatly proportioned. Go to European cities like Vienna or Berlin and you may have trouble finding the head in too generous folds of skin. Or maybe I’m exaggerating. But I think that it has something to do with the climate of those countries. In South-East Asia cocks, because of the heat, don’t need so much protection. In the depths of an icy European winter on the other hand, penises need wrapping. That’s my theory anyway – perhaps one day someone will carry out a scientific study.

I peeled back the foreskin and took the cock fairly easily in my mouth and the boy started gently thrusting. My taste buds tingled and I took his balls in hand and held and squeezed them gently. With my other hand I explored that intimate region between testicles and rectum. The boy immediately lifted his left leg in the air and I knew what else he desired. My fingertips gently touched the rippled and hairless rim of the magic cave and the boy for the first time kissed me full on the mouth and rubbed his tongue against mine. Gently I pushed my index finger up to the first knuckle and I there was a sudden intake of breath. At the same time the rectum muscles were gripping my finger so I pushed it further inside until I touched something smooth and round…the boy gave a shudder and released his load into my mouth. The taste was sweet but with an added, somewhat mysterious tang. Perhaps it’s just my imagination but I’ve often found the taste of Asian boys to be not as salty as those from cooler climes.

All at once the encounter was over and the boy grabbed his towel and headed out the door. We hadn’t exchanged a word.


I’ve often noticed in gay saunas that if the mood isn’t right then you can hang around for an hour or more sans any kind of interest or action. You can stand wrapped in your towel silently cursing the wasted afternoon or telling yourself that you just popped in for relaxation in the spa or a drink at the bar maybe. But when the action starts it often carries on like a game of ping pong. Consequently as I followed the now unloaded boy out of the door and into the corridor I found myself getting signals from another smooth-skinned Malaysian. He was older than the boy, probably in his mid-twenties. The young man took me into another room and gestured for me to get up onto a plastic covered bench. Fortunately he had a condom and a small tube of lube. Because this was my first visit to a sauna in KL I hadn’t realized you had to supply your own. I saw that the guy’s cock was almost painfully erect, no foreplay required here… he just wanted to get down to it. He asked me to get onto my hands and knees. He was rather tired because he’d been fucking all afternoon and this would be the easiest position for him. I complied, spreading the cheeks of my arse. His fingers, generously wet with lube explored the rim of my hole and then gently started probing inside. I told him that he would need to go easy at first because I was pretty tight, like an eighteen year old. He laughed… but very slowly pushed the head of his cock into my now slippery arse. I gasped and my arse muscles, almost of their own accord, gripped. There was a wave of pain but it wasn’t too radical because the young man’s cock was of medium size in length and girth. I never use the term “average.” No one on this planet is average. I knew that the pain would soon recede. Sure enough, after a few moments the young man started to push further and my arse muscles loosened in welcoming fashion. Also, I was now confident enough to push against the cock and we soon set up a gentle but satisfying rhythm. At the same time his hand was wanking my cock. All too soon the young man cried out and I felt that always mysterious organic pressure brimming in my tubes. Spurts of my load splashed on plastic and the young man withdrew his now deflated prick from my arse. After curiously examining the contents of the condom he was gone. I sat on the bench feeling somewhat deflated. Already I was missing the young boy with the glistening pubic hair. Because I had immediately gone with the older man I felt like an unfaithful slut. How crazy was that? Go figure. Time to head back to the Corus Hotel, a couple of quiet Tiger beers at the bar and a few songs from the girl band.


I hope you enjoyed reading the extract,









Blue Boys

THE FOLLOWING is an excerpt from a work-in-progress of mine which will be published in early December. It will be the third book in my Gay Dimensions series – ‘Coming Always.’  The extract describes Raphael’s visit to the Blue Boys venue in New York city which is, of course, fictitious. I mean the venue not New York!


The boys caught a Yellow Cab over to the West Village and alighted on a street corner. Outside a rather nondescript-looking building there was a neon sign signalling ‘Blue Boys.’ The sign was electric blue, of course.

However when Raphael, Tyler, Grant and Charlie were waved inside by two massive black bouncers the whole world changed. On his way past the bouncers Raphael noticed that one of them had a huge cut cock hanging out of his trousers. He was tempted to reach out and grab it but managed to resist.

The bouncer noticed his admiring look and said, “That’s juss so that all de dudes who come through here can have no doubt what dis place is all about man. You can have a feel if you want.”

“Maybe a bit later on” said Raphael diplomatically.

Once inside he was grateful that the background music was sexy and sultry rather than banging disco or heavy metal. Like most other gay bars Raphael had visited, the ambiance was fairly dim but here there were rather startling highlights. Moving spotlights roaming here and there would suddenly focus on a gorgeous naked twink flaunting a hard-on. The naked boys were standing on small plinths or pedestals so that they were slightly raised above the crowd. Raphael was impressed when he realized that these ‘highlights’ had obviously been choreographed. You just had time to glimpse a throbbing cut cock before the spotlight whipped away in search of another treasure. As each of the spotlights hit its target there would be a burst of applause. Raphael looked around and realized that he was amongst a young, startlingly well-dressed crowd with a sprinkling of older men here and there. Noticing his expression Tyler told him that in this venue there was no discrimination and that the ‘senior’ gay guys were made to feel very welcome. In fact he often sought out the older men for a chat himself because they usually knew so much about the history of the gay movement in New York – the Stonewall Riots, the HIV epidemic of the eighties and so on. Raphael also noticed that there also seemed to be a healthy representation of different cultures – some of the boys were coal black and others had definite Hispanic looks.

Raphael leaned over and whispered in Tyler’s ear, “Hey, I reckon you could uncover a few spectacular foreskins around here bro.”

“Yeah well, after last night I’ve certainly got a taste for them” laughed Tyler before he went over to the bar and ordered a round of Heineken’s.

As the boys sipped their beers Raphael noticed that young Charlie seemed almost mesmerized by the bouncing spotlights as they illuminated the naked twinks around the bar.

“That sure is a fine display of cock” he murmured as a spot lit up a boy whose ample cock pointed skyward. Now there was a pulsing sound in the music and more searchlight beams joined the illuminations. The pulsing music became faster and faster and the spotlights became almost frantic as they bounced from cock to cock.

Raphael put a hand on Charlie’s shoulder and said, “Oh my God, are they -?”

Sure enough, the spot lit boys were stroking their huge cocks. As Raphael tried to keep up with the moving lights he noticed that two of the boys were actually uncut. One of them, who had an Afro-American appearance, had a spectacular foreskin and as the light flashed on it Raphael noticed that a helpful arm had reached out from the crowd to take over the wanking.

Raphael also noticed as the lights flashed rapidly around the bar that several of the customers were now quite blatantly wanking their own cocks.

“This is incredible” breathed Raphael.

“I thought you might like the Blue Boys” Tyler whispered in his ear.

Not able to resist the sight of cocks being pulled and stroked in flashing light all over the room, Charlie had his own hard member out and was stroking it avidly.

“Let me give you a hand with that young Charlie” chortled Tyler as he reached down to take the boy in hand.

Now the music was increasing in intensity – there were groans and cheers of encouragement as jets of cum sparkled in the dancing light.

Suddenly Charlie arched his back and he shot his load all over Raphael’s jeans.

“Sorry about that Raphael” laughed Tyler. I shoulda taken better aim” he said as he shook the last drops off Charlie’s dick.


An excerpt from GAY DIMENSIONS: Coming Always, a ‘work-in-progress’ by Kevin Armstrong.


International Gay Guide

Masculine role models that have traits that Asian guys should aspire to have

Lee Byung Hun

Lee Byung Hun

Lee Byung Hun is making a name for himself around the world as a top-notch actor. In Korea, he’s already in the A-list, but his fame is reaching Hollywood as well. He recently starred in Red 2 and GI Joe: Retaliation.

Dennis O’ Neil

Dennis O'Neil

Dennis O’ Neil is one of the hunkiest Asian men in the world. Although only half-Korean, he’s got a considerable fanbase in Korea as well as in many parts of the world.

Godfrey Gao

Godfrey Gao

Godfrey Gao is the first Asian male model to model for Louis Vuitton. Recently he played Magnus Bane in the movie, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, based off the hit book series.

Daniel Henney

Daniel Henney

Although he’s primarily well known in Korea as a leading man, he’s also acted in a few American movies…

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A Cock-Eyed Optimist

The black boy sat on my favourite chair, pulled down his zipper and released his massive cock. My God, it was huge! About eleven inches in length I estimated and generously thick. Even the piss slot seemed awesome.

“Can I touch it?” I gulped.

“Of course you can” said Sheku the young Congolese man grinning from ear to ear.

I took it in my hand. The weight was substantial and it was already rock hard.

“It’s cut” I said rather unnecessarily.

“Cut?” The boy looked at me anxiously before examining his cock closely.

“I don’t see any cuts” said the boy. “What are you talking about Kevin?” I laughed. “Just a manner of speaking Sheku. In Australia, when a cock is circumcised we say  it’s ‘cut’.”

“Oh I see!” said the boy laughing heartily. “In the Congo we all have our cocks “cut” as you say.” He laughed again. He gave me an enquiring look and I knew that it was time for me to show my hand… or my cock I should say. I stood up, unzipped my jeans and freed my cock. It was already at half-mast and rising. Sheku reached out with a massive hand and took hold of it. He was immediately fascinated by my foreskin.

“I’m not cut as you can see Sheku” I said, again unnecessarily. The boy whistled through his blindingly white teeth and slowly pushed my foreskin back to reveal the glistening head of my cock. “Where I come from we boys have all this cut away” he said. I wasn’t sure whether he approved of my foreskin or not but he certainly seemed fascinated by it. He pulled it forward, covering my cock head and then pushed it back again. He let me go and looked down at his own cock. “Do you reckon you could take that Kevin?”

“Take it?”

“Up your arse I mean.”

I gulped and let my eyes dwell on his enormous member. Everything was moving so fast. It was only the night before that we’d met in the gay bar. I’d never SEEN a cock that big let alone considered accommodating same.

“Jeeze, I don’t know Sheku, you’re so big”… I seemed to be locked in this syndrome whereas I couldn’t help making totally unnecessary remarks. “I mean, I’m pretty tight… like an eighteen year old boy” I laughed awkwardly.

“So what’s the problem then Kevin? I love tight holes” he said bouncing his heavy cock in his hand. “Can you take it or not?”

“Well I do have a boyfriend” I said rather shakily.

“Your boyfriend got a cock as big as mine?” he said weighing his member and holding his balls with his other hand.

“No of course not” I whispered. “I don’t think anyone has.”

“What’s the problem then?” said Sheku.

He was right of course. There wasn’t much of a problem and every moment I continued to stare at that glorious cock seemed to make it even less of a problem. Anyway I may have been guilty of exaggerating when I told Sheku I had a boyfriend. I wasn’t really sure whether I still had one or not. James had stacked on a turn more than a week before this, stormed out the door and I hadn’t seen or heard of him since. So I wasn’t really sure whether we’d broken up officially or not.


An excerpt from ‘African Boy – A Sex Odyssey’ by Kevin Armstrong.