Psst!… a message for my Dear Followers. ‘A Helping Hand’ which is the second story in my GAY MOMENTS series will be available on Amazon Kindle for FREE downloading from Tuesday the 10th of November until Thursday the 12th of November inclusive. This is a brief excerpt –


My friend Glenn was probably the best looking boy I had ever come across. He had tight blonde curls, startlingly blue eyes and a golden complexion you could die for. I knew from swimming lessons that his body was compact but not over-developed which I think can be pretty gross. Although, as I’ve suggested, he was pretty shy from a physical point of view, he couldn’t conceal the fact that he had a pert bubble arse.

Glenn’s room didn’t have posters of rock or movie stars like those posted on the walls of the bedrooms of several school friends I’d visited. No, there were only some brilliant pictures of the universe and travel posters of places in Asia he wanted to visit like Tibet. The room had a kind of ascetic look about it. What was somewhat unusual in a boy’s bedroom was there were shelves full of classical CD’s. Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky – all that stuff. Most of my friends downloaded whatever rock music they wanted but Glenn said he liked the physical feel of the CD’s. He also had a pretty neat Bose sound system. Although I was a bit resistant at first, Glenn got me to love his kind of music. We particularly liked Tchaikovsky’s ‘Romeo and Juliet Overture’ and as the music blared out we would whirl about the room miming sword play. Sometimes Glenn would tell me stories about the lives of the great composers. I was particularly interested to learn that Peter Tchaikovsky had been condemned to death by an ‘honour court’ in Moscow for fucking a nobleman’s nephew.

What I really liked about being round at Glenn’s place was that he always seemed more relaxed and friendlier than when we were at school. It felt sometimes as if we might have been brothers. I didn’t know a lot about that – being brothers I mean because I was an only child. When I was a young kid I’d invented an imaginary brother who was called Charlie. Well Charlie and I enjoyed a lot of riotous cricket matches out in the back yard much to the bemusement of my folks.

As I’ve suggested I much preferred the Glenn I hung out with round at the McMansion to the Glenn I knew at school. Around Alston High there was something almost stiff and formal about him. Sometimes when I shouted out to him in the playground he would sort of look straight through me. Well he was Head Boy after all and I guess the responsibility weighed heavily on his shoulders.

Of course when we were hanging out in Glenn’s bedroom there were many occasions when I was tempted to ask him to show me his cock. But I could never really get the words out, there was something about the boy, he seemed untouchable somehow, wholesome even – if any boy on this planet could ever be called wholesome.

Whenever I had these thoughts I usually got a hard-on. I tried all sorts of ways to conceal my rod but I’m sure sometimes he must have noticed, although he was far too polite to say anything. But there were times during these occasions when I thought I could see a kind of glimmer in his eye. Wishful thinking perhaps.

Of course I wondered if my friend wanked. Then I thought – well of course, all boys did that. He wasn’t that much of a paragon. Glenn couldn’t possibly be asexual – could he? This was a new word I’d recently found on Google and I thought it was sort of cool. Except there was no way I wanted my friend to be ‘asexual.’

A couple of times when he went down to the kitchen to get us a couple of Cokes I searched round his room for some clues, evidence that he was actually a wanker. Well you know what I mean. A box of tissues on his bedside table? Nope. A tube of Intensive Care? Nope. I even pulled the duvet on his bed down so I could examine the sheets. Nope again. Absolutely immaculate. Oh God, I’m such a snoop.

One day we’d had a fairly long session on the computer doing a tutorial on Stock Broker and I reckon I’d had a bar up for at least a couple of hours. My God, I had blue balls – it’s a wonder they weren’t glowing through my shorts.

Glenn then announced he was going down to the kitchen to get us a couple of cool drinks. As soon as he went out through the door I dropped my shorts and my cock sprung out. I was desperate. I had to have a quick pull before my friend got back. I took hold of my foreskin and started to wank furiously. To hurry matters along I conjured up a vision in my mind of the glimpse I’d had of Glenn’s cock when we were out in the bush and he was taking a leak.. My fist was a blur and already I could feel the pressure, that indescribable feeling building in my balls and tubes. Then I heard Glenn’s footsteps coming up the stairs. I was gonna come – but where was I gonna shoot my load?  Oh my God, in my desperation I hadn’t thought of that. This must be the only boys’ bedroom on the planet with no tissues I thought. Well I couldn’t exactly squirt on his sheets now could I? I was c-o-o-o-ming. I knew from experience there was no way I could choke it off, hold it back. I was beyond the point of no return. Well I couldn’t be standing there with my cock shooting cum on the carpet when he came through the door now could I? I would never live it down. I would have to kill myself.

Suddenly I had a brain-wave. The empty Coke bottles from our previous break! There were two of them sitting there beneath the window. I just had time to grab one and hold the neck to my piss slot before I started to come. I reckoned that because of the excitement and the danger of discovery I was squirting twice as much as usual. Anyway, most of the jism went in the bottle with some excess running down the sides. I just had time to shove the vessel into my school bag before Glenn came through the door. I was hoping my juice hadn’t left a tell-tale aroma.

Glenn handed me a fresh Coke then looked beneath the window.

“I meant to take the empties down with me for the rubbish. Mom gets very fussy about things like that. Hey, I thought there were two…”

“Yeah! There were two, now there’s only one” I said stupidly. “The other’s in my bag.”

“Your bag?”

“Yeah, I collect Coke bottles.”


“The next door kids! I mean they make things out of them.”

I was praying inwardly that he wouldn’t ask to have a look at the bottle.

“Sure. But why didn’t you take the other one as well?”

“You mean I can have it?”

“Of course you can” he said looking at me rather strangely.

Thanking my lucky stars I put the second bottle in my bag.


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  1. Hey Kev. I really loved your book but I wanted to read it again on my upcoming nakation. Question:
    I had downloaded the Kindle app on which I added your book. How do I print from the Kindle app? Really want to be able to read it on the beach and can’t take my android device.


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