Blue Boys

THE FOLLOWING is an excerpt from a work-in-progress of mine which will be published in early December. It will be the third book in my Gay Dimensions series – ‘Coming Always.’  The extract describes Raphael’s visit to the Blue Boys venue in New York city which is, of course, fictitious. I mean the venue not New York!


The boys caught a Yellow Cab over to the West Village and alighted on a street corner. Outside a rather nondescript-looking building there was a neon sign signalling ‘Blue Boys.’ The sign was electric blue, of course.

However when Raphael, Tyler, Grant and Charlie were waved inside by two massive black bouncers the whole world changed. On his way past the bouncers Raphael noticed that one of them had a huge cut cock hanging out of his trousers. He was tempted to reach out and grab it but managed to resist.

The bouncer noticed his admiring look and said, “That’s juss so that all de dudes who come through here can have no doubt what dis place is all about man. You can have a feel if you want.”

“Maybe a bit later on” said Raphael diplomatically.

Once inside he was grateful that the background music was sexy and sultry rather than banging disco or heavy metal. Like most other gay bars Raphael had visited, the ambiance was fairly dim but here there were rather startling highlights. Moving spotlights roaming here and there would suddenly focus on a gorgeous naked twink flaunting a hard-on. The naked boys were standing on small plinths or pedestals so that they were slightly raised above the crowd. Raphael was impressed when he realized that these ‘highlights’ had obviously been choreographed. You just had time to glimpse a throbbing cut cock before the spotlight whipped away in search of another treasure. As each of the spotlights hit its target there would be a burst of applause. Raphael looked around and realized that he was amongst a young, startlingly well-dressed crowd with a sprinkling of older men here and there. Noticing his expression Tyler told him that in this venue there was no discrimination and that the ‘senior’ gay guys were made to feel very welcome. In fact he often sought out the older men for a chat himself because they usually knew so much about the history of the gay movement in New York – the Stonewall Riots, the HIV epidemic of the eighties and so on. Raphael also noticed that there also seemed to be a healthy representation of different cultures – some of the boys were coal black and others had definite Hispanic looks.

Raphael leaned over and whispered in Tyler’s ear, “Hey, I reckon you could uncover a few spectacular foreskins around here bro.”

“Yeah well, after last night I’ve certainly got a taste for them” laughed Tyler before he went over to the bar and ordered a round of Heineken’s.

As the boys sipped their beers Raphael noticed that young Charlie seemed almost mesmerized by the bouncing spotlights as they illuminated the naked twinks around the bar.

“That sure is a fine display of cock” he murmured as a spot lit up a boy whose ample cock pointed skyward. Now there was a pulsing sound in the music and more searchlight beams joined the illuminations. The pulsing music became faster and faster and the spotlights became almost frantic as they bounced from cock to cock.

Raphael put a hand on Charlie’s shoulder and said, “Oh my God, are they -?”

Sure enough, the spot lit boys were stroking their huge cocks. As Raphael tried to keep up with the moving lights he noticed that two of the boys were actually uncut. One of them, who had an Afro-American appearance, had a spectacular foreskin and as the light flashed on it Raphael noticed that a helpful arm had reached out from the crowd to take over the wanking.

Raphael also noticed as the lights flashed rapidly around the bar that several of the customers were now quite blatantly wanking their own cocks.

“This is incredible” breathed Raphael.

“I thought you might like the Blue Boys” Tyler whispered in his ear.

Not able to resist the sight of cocks being pulled and stroked in flashing light all over the room, Charlie had his own hard member out and was stroking it avidly.

“Let me give you a hand with that young Charlie” chortled Tyler as he reached down to take the boy in hand.

Now the music was increasing in intensity – there were groans and cheers of encouragement as jets of cum sparkled in the dancing light.

Suddenly Charlie arched his back and he shot his load all over Raphael’s jeans.

“Sorry about that Raphael” laughed Tyler. I shoulda taken better aim” he said as he shook the last drops off Charlie’s dick.


An excerpt from GAY DIMENSIONS: Coming Always, a ‘work-in-progress’ by Kevin Armstrong.


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