An Invitation

An excerpt from ‘Burmese Boy: A Gay Sex Odyssey’ by Kevin Armstrong


A few weeks later I went round to a friend’s place to help him with his homework. John was in the year below me at high school and he needed a hand with his English composition. We were working in the kitchen of his house, his parents were out and we were nearing the end of the necessary five pages. He was wearing a white tee shirt and faded blue jeans. They weren’t faded because of fashion, but through washing. His folks were fairly poor and they lived in a state house.

As John was putting his books away in his school bag he looked at me as if he was sizing me up. Then I could have sworn he looked at the bulge in my shorts.

“Kev, why don’t we go over the pine forest for a bit of a wank? Have you ever done it with another guy?”

“Well – ”

“I reckon it’s a lot more fun…. doing it with someone else. When I’m on my own, after I cum sometimes, I feel pretty bad, as if I should feel guilty you know? But if I’m with another boy it feels all right. I’ve done it a few times with Brian but he’s gone to Melbourne with his folks.”

I could feel myself hardening and I knew I would go with John to the pine forest. Besides, I already felt I knew what it took to invite another boy to go wanking. How embarrassing and hurtful it would be if you got a knock back! This would be my first shared time since Jason and I was curious to see how it would go.

In the pine forest the trees were already throwing dark shadows. I stepped out of my shorts and John slid out of his jeans. For a moment we stood examining each other. From his expression he seemed to approve of what jutted out from between my legs and I thought he had the most beautiful cock I’d seen up to that point. Well, I’d really only seen Jason’s in close up and that was pretty spectacular. Apart from that the only other cocks I’d seen were caught in fleeting glimpses in the change rooms at school. John’s cock had a kind of golden colour and it almost seemed to glow. The foreskin seemed short, cute and neat and the head was beautifully shaped. A prominent vein ran along the centre of his shaft which I guessed to be six inches long and his balls were tight and full. At the base of his cock he already had a fairly luxuriant black bush.

To my surprise John started to wank his own cock whilst he stared at mine. Although we were standing close together he made no attempt to wank my cock. Was this how he did it with Brian? I was slightly disappointed but I didn’t want to touch him there if he wasn’t into that. Besides just looking at him pulling his own glorious cock was sufficient to make me wank furiously  and pretty soon I gushed a heavy load on the pine needles.

“Gee, that was terrific Kev!” John laughed. “I reckon you’ve been storing that up for a while. Isn’t that a great feeling? It’s kinda impossible to describe.”

John kept on wanking whilst I shook the last of the drops off my cock. “I don’t know Kev, I’m pretty envious of you… having that feeling. I’m not getting anything yet. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to cum at all today.”

Now this took me by surprise. I’d never heard of any boy who started to wank but wasn’t actually able to cum. Well, I thought maybe I’d be able to help him out. I’d take the bull by the horn as it were. I took one step closer and took his pretty cock in my hand. He darted me a surprised look but when I started to tug a huge grin spread across his face. Soon enough he was spurting his spunk all over my own deflated cock and balls.




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