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My Dear Followers , my story ‘My Beautiful Boyfriend’ will be available for FREE downloading from Amazon Kindle from the 27th to the 29th of December inclusive – here is an excerpt.


Of course with most drag shows the queens mime to recorded music but with this ensemble, Panache Productions, one of its unique features was that much of the music was performed live. All of the boys had great singing voices and each of them could play a musical instrument. Sheeshy was on guitar, Sean was very versatile being able to play both the flute and the French horn. Ryan was a virtuoso on keyboards. No wonder people were starting to flock from far and wide to see and hear these boys.

I found that during the run I was completely captivated by the show. I laughed and I clapped and whistled and cried. After the final number which was ‘We Are Family’ I gave the queens a standing ovation.

After the boys had finally gone off stage Ryan came rushing out, gave me a hug and thanked me for being such a ‘divine audience.’ The other guys were clustering around and I felt that my cheeks were burning. Ryan then made a little speech about how it was really great to have me as a part of the family. He also announced that I was never again to buy tickets for any of the drag shows. He then presented me with a gold pass. Oh my God, I could no longer hold back the tears.


I didn’t have much of a problem getting away from school on sports afternoons. I only had to mention asthma (whilst doing a few fake wheezes) and the coach or the teacher on sports duty would readily tell me that it was okay to go off and work in the library or whatever. In fact I would be given the distinct impression that neither they nor the football captains actually wanted me on the field in any case. Of course I would use the opportunity to go off down to the warehouse to catch a rehearsal or over to Rigby’s Bar if the lads were setting up for a show.

One afternoon at the warehouse I had an astonishing experience. Sean Gibson, the youngest boy in the troupe, was rehearsing a new number. Now there was nothing odd about that but on this occasion he’d decided to rehearse without his drag. There he was – centre stage, moving like a sexy femme-fatale to sultry music and yet he was dressed in a pair of boyish shorts and a tee-shirt with the Australian flag on the front of it. He looked like a gorgeous surfie who might be thinking of going off down to the beach – and yet he was dancing like a seductive, dangerous diva. With his dirty blonde hair and his deep blue eyes he was scrumptious. And because of the tighter than tight shorts I could tell that he hadn’t taped up his equipment. But the main impression I had was that the boy looked so vulnerable. I was very nearly moved to tears. At the same time I realized how unique this experience was – to be able to witness a gorgeous young drag queen rehearsing a number without the drag – without his armour in other words. It was very moving.

Later on after the rehearsal over coffee I told young Sean and producer Ryan about my reaction and suggested that they put something like the rehearsal I’d just witnessed into the show. A touching ‘insider’ look behind the scenes. Ryan looked at me for a long moment and then said, “That’s a terrific idea Shannon.”

Curiously, Sean was also giving me a lingering look. I couldn’t really tell what he thought of my idea. Anyway ‘The Rehearsal’ was scheduled to be included in a new show that was being developed, Platinum Girls. Of course I was overjoyed. I felt that as well as being a part of this glamorous new world, I was making a contribution.


One afternoon after school I arrived early at the show venue and found that only one of the boys was in the dressing room. It was young Sean. I was a bit shocked when he asked me if I wanted to help him get taped up. I didn’t want to offend the guy. But I was totally inexperienced. I’d hardly even seen another boy’s cock apart from the odd glimpses in the change rooms at school. Well Sean, in a very matter-of-fact fashion, stepped out of his shorts and then peeled off his underpants. Of course, as was to be expected, what he revealed was exquisite. His cock was uncut and his tight balls shaved. He handed me a roll of tape and a pair of scissors. Then he gave me a spectacular grin before bending over and shoving his dick and balls into his arse crack. He then asked me to tape it all in place. Of course I had a hard on in a moment which I’m sure Sean must have noticed.

I cut off a length of tape and gingerly stuck everything in place. The boy then straightened up and stretched his legs. “That feels fine Shannon.”

Gaining some confidence after this episode I decided to pose a question that had been bothering me for a while, “Sean, what happens if… well, you know… what I mean is, what happens if you crack one during a show?”

Sean looked at me thoughtfully, “I’ve never really thought about that. It doesn’t really happen. I guess I’m always too nervous to get hard. After I first started in drag I used to have to throw up into a bucket every night before I went on stage.”

He pressed the tape between his legs. “Besides, once it’s all been taped down there’s really nowhere for it to go.”

All at once I was filled with a strange feeling. Was I falling in love with Sean? Well there was a time not so long ago when I thought that fat boys were not allowed to fall in love. And then, sadly, reality struck a blow when I recalled that Sean already had a boyfriend. His name was Dale and he was nearly as cute as Sean was.


From: GAY MOMENTS: My Beautiful Boyfriend by Kevin Armstrong



Helmut the Helmet

John and I never wanked together again. We were in different years at school and we didn’t really move in the same circles. One day after my Science period I was surprised when a boy called Helmut asked me if I wanted to walk home with him. In those days before greedy developers over-built our suburb we could virtually walk home through bush tracks. Along the way we might see brumbies (wild horses) or the odd kangaroo. I was surprised when Helmut asked me to walk with him because although we were in the same class we’d barely exchanged two words. I had the impression that he didn’t really like me. He came from a German family and although he looked stern and even angry some of the time, he occasionally broke into a wide, wicked grin. In some circles he was called ‘Helmut the Helmet’ and I thought I could guess at the reason why. He had a reputation for doing a lot of wanking with some of his friends and he didn’t seem to care who knew. I guess that these stories only made the girls (ours was a co-ed school) keener and some of them tried to desperately flirt with him in the corridors and playgrounds. The harder the girls tried the less interested Helmut the Helmet seemed.  Of course as we set out on our walk home through the bush my heart was beating in anticipation. Would I get to see Helmut’s already legendary cock and maybe even hold it in my hand? I cursed under my breath when Tony, a younger boy, chased after us.

“Can I walk home with you blokes?”

“Of course you can m’boy” growled Helmut. Sometimes he could look and sound like an old man, someone around twenty five. He seemed to have the kind of authority you wouldn’t want to argue with and my heart sank. Because Tony was in a year below us at school I felt that Helmut wouldn’t want to do any wanking today. Perhaps I’d been a bit stupid daring to expect it anyway. Probably Helmut had simply wanted some company for the long walk home.

We eventually came to edge of some swampland which for some reason was called “Bitter Pools.” Helmut put down his back pack, opened it and pulled out a white towel. This was the summer term and on Wednesdays we were bussed down to the river for swimming lessons.

“I feel like going for a swim” said Helmut. “What about you guys?”

“Sure!” I said, trying to repress my excitement. I was already pulling my towel out of my school bag. Then it was almost as if my heart skipped a beat. Helmut was pulling his bathers out of his back pack. However he looked at them and then draped them on a bush to dry because they were still damp from the lesson.

“No need for these. We’re all boys together, eh?”

Helmut and I quickly peeled off our shirts and shorts and even although he was only at half-mast I could see why he was called Helmut the Helmet. His cock had the biggest head I’d ever seen. It bulged out through the lips of a thick foreskin.

Now Helmut was looking at the younger boy. “What about you Tony?”

Tony shook his head: “Nah, my mum would be able to tell if I’d taken my clothes off in the bush and then she’d whip me. I’ll just watch you blokes.”

Helmut and I gingerly stepped into the biggest pool. Horse flies were buzzing and brilliant butterflies cascaded through the greenish light of the swamp. Talking about swimming was probably being rather ambitious because the pool was only a few feet deep. Anyway, we splashed around a bit and all too soon we were back on shore feeling refreshed if not altogether very clean because of the muddy water. My cock was fully erect and I didn’t try to conceal it. In fact I was rather proud of it and I thought that Helmut was checking it out. Even young Tony stepped forward so he could have a closer look.

Now Helmut moved towards me and put his still half-mast cock in my hand.

“Feel that. You can pull the skin right over the head, let go and it will slide slowly back.” He looked at me. “You reckon I’ve got too much?”


“Skin ya dork!” He laughed and started to pull my cock. Tony was watching avidly.

“No, no!” I stuttered. “It’s just perfect.”

“Well I can hardly go to the barber and ask him to shave a bit off can I?” he laughed.

By now his cock was fully erect and I could have sworn that the head was getting even bigger. It was massive. By now I’d heard that at Army Cadets some of the older boys shoved their cocks up each other’s bums. It was said that it might be OK to do this if there were no girls around. I wondered if Helmut would ever be able to get his huge helmet inside my opening. I shuddered.

By now we were wanking each other enthusiastically. Tony had moved even closer so he could get an eyeful. I could see that he now had a tent like shape jutting out the front of his shorts and I felt sorry for him. But then I was also enjoying the luxury of having such a huge amount of loose, thick skin in my hand. In fact Helmut had become so big that I was now able to use two hands.

Helmut reached out towards the younger boy. “Just take your dick out of your shorts and your mum will never know.” But Tony shook his head and stepped back out of reach.

Helmut and I came almost simultaneously and we squirted our white jets over each other’s cocks.

All through the summer Helmut and I wanked on Wednesdays in the swampland and Tony tagged along to watch. To add variety Helmut and I started to masturbate (I’d just discovered that word in my dad’s dictionary) above and below the surface of the pond. For the first time I came under water and it felt incredible. Although I was still missing Jason I was very proud that I had such a magnificent cock to tug on.

At last autumn fell but we were still wanking on most Wednesdays. However one week I was walking home along the bushtrack without Helmut, but young Tony was still tagging along. Helmut had been away from school for a few days and his mum had sent in a note to say he had asthma. One of the bullies put it about that he was actually suffering from chronic wanking.

Anyway, on this Wednesday in autumn it was still stifling hot so I decided to cool down at Bitter Pools anyway. I took my clothes off and stepped into the gloriously cool water. This place had a bad reputation. It was said that huge leeches would attach themselves to your legs and drain all of the blood out of you. Well we never had any trouble. Maybe the leeches were not attracted by the flavour of our particular blood types. After I’d sloshed about a bit I stepped out of the pool. Even although Helmut was absent I still had a raging hard on and I noticed that Tony couldn’t take his eyes off it. I was drying myself with my towel when the boy moved towards me. He took my cock in his hand and started to wank it. He was pretty expert and had obviously learned a great deal from watching Helmut. I was astonished… it felt so sexy, so exciting, me standing naked in the bush being pulled off by a boy dressed in his school uniform complete with tie! I would have to recommend it to Helmut. When my head started to bulge and I felt the intense pressure building I turned slightly so that my cock was pointing away from the boy. If he’d gone home with his uniform splashed with cum his mother would have had a heart attack.


From BURMESE BOY: A Gay Sex Odyssey by Kevin Armstrong