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Pssst! To all my dear Followers – my new story GLORY BOYS will be available for FREE downloading from Amazon Kindle from the 15th to the 17th of March inclusive. I hope you enjoy reading it,


Here is an excerpt –

Now other members of the Meatheads came forward to piss on Jamie after the starters had emptied their bladders. The jets sloshed by Geoff Dank were particularly foul. By now Jamie’s clothes were sodden and stinking from the streams of piss. He was awash with the smelly stuff and he felt he would never be clean again.

Just then there was a flurry of arms and legs in the middle of the Meatheads and several of the pissers lost their balance and tumbled to the ground with their cocks still gushing.

Much to his amazement Jamie realized that young Quentin Shenton had erupted out of the forest using the thick branch of a tree as a massive club. There were bleeding Meatheads everywhere and howls of outrage. Quentin helped Jamie get to his feet and he whispered – “Come on bro, we gotta get outta here fast before these knuckleheads come to their senses. I know this secret track…”

Quentin led the way and Jamie sloshed behind him. His movement was retarded because of his sopping clothes.

“Better take those off” chortled Quentin. “We’ve got to go like the wind. Those shits will come after us, that’s for sure.”

Sure enough, as Jamie peeled off his wet shirt and sodden shorts – he wasn’t wearing underpants – he could hear Fatty Compton bellowing “Come on you guys, are we gonna let it get out that we were bashed up by a rotten little poof? We’ll kill the bastards.”

A hoarse cheer roared through the bushland.

Jamie rolled his sodden clothes into a ball and then he was surprised when Quentin took off his own clothes and rolled them up. “This is just so you won’t be embarrassed about being naked Jamie” he laughed. “Hell, we’re both boys aren’t we?”





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