Gay Florence


I’ve recently been carrying out research for a new story which is partly about gay sex in the Italian city of Florence. I’ve never been there but a quick look at some items on Google suggest that it’s not one of the gayest cities on the planet. There are few gay bars and only one sauna. However it was a different story back in the fifteenth century, the time of the Renaissance. It seems that around two thirds of the boys and young men were involved in gay sex. There was a firm protocol; the younger boys (in their teens) were the passive partners and the older men (usually in their twenties) were the dominant fuckers.

Florence during this period was famed for its beautiful boys and although parents were warned to lock up their sons, their daughters could walk the streets without fear of molestation.

However many of the clerics of the time were not at all happy about the situation. A mad friar, Bernardino of Siena, claimed that the ‘sodomites’ of the city had brought down upon them God’s vengeance in the form of the black plague and that they were responsible for the very low birth rate. Finally the city authorities paid heed and formed the Office of the Night to investigate charges of sodomy.

Back in the fourteenth century the punishments for gay sex had been pretty ferocious. One fifteen year old boy, Giovanni di Giovanni was convicted of opening his legs for many older men. He was made to ride naked through the city on the back of an ass. Giovanni was then publicly castrated and had a red hot poker shoved up his arse.

Some men in Florence during the Renaissance undertook homosexual ‘marriage’ in which the men swore fidelity to each other over a bible on a church altar. The Office of the Night regarded these men as being legally married to each other.

Much of the gay sexual activity in Florence during the Renaissance took place in and around a popular tavern called Buco (the hole). It seems that many of the boys dressed appropriately for gay sex, wearing doublets that not only had flaps in the front secured by buttons but in the rear as well. Research suggests that they would have lowered their pants to take a dump but if they wanted a quick and discreet fuck in a park or in places like the Buco without undressing then the rear flap was very handy.

Bernardino was very critical of parents who allowed their sons to dress too stylishly, however many of the fathers of the time encouraged their sons to go out fucking with older men in the hope that it would benefit their careers in later life. (Shades of the ancient Greeks.)

On a rather morbid note Bernardino advised parents to search their sons’ clothing for gold coins after they’d returned from a night out. The mad friar told mothers that if they held these coins that would have been earned by their boys selling their arses up to their ears they would have heard the souls of unborn babies chanting ‘To the fire. To the fire!’





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Here is a preview –

As I woke up in the arms of the boy next door I wondered if I was still dreaming or had I, perhaps, travelled to another planet? We were in love, we were committed. We were inspired by the Sacred Band of Thebes – a small army of young gay soldiers who stood side by side; lovers fighting not for their own lives but for that of their boyfriends. There were only three hundred of them but because of the love they shared, they defeated the mightiest armies on earth – they were just about invincible. They lived and fought and loved more than two thousand years ago in Ancient Greece.

Until last night when Brad told me that he had fallen in love with me I’d thought that he was right out of my league. He was a boy genius; the boy next door held down some crummy day job but in his spare time he managed to publish gay stories with the Rainbow Press, epic novels and books about quantum physics on the internet as well as compose the odd symphony. Oh, and he had also mastered the piano and the ‘cello.

Recently the boy next door had been on my case about me under-selling myself. He could become quite stern about that.

“Just look at what you are able to do in one single day” he would say. “First of all you hold down a day job creating the most ingenious computer games. Don’t you realize that you are competing with some of the brightest minds on the planet? And then there’s your dancing in the floor show at the Blue Boy’s Club and working on the choreography as well. And if the truth be known you probably hold the whole show together.”


Although it was a Saturday I had to go into work and Brad had rehearsals scheduled with the Romantic String Quartet. I jumped into the shower and was delighted when the boy next door joined me. Although we’d blown our loads several times during the night we quickly became hard again as we soaped each other up. After we’d had a quick wank and shot out cum over each other’s cock and balls I reached around and probed at my lover’s lovely rim. Brad lifted a leg, almost as a reflex action it would seem. I then slowly pushed an index finger up his boy hole. I told myself that I was just making sure that my boy was clean and pure for the coming day but of course there was no real risk of that. I simply wanted another feel of the magical cave.

On my way through Alston Park to the office, I came across a young man standing in a tropical grove wearing only a shirt. I wondered if he was kind of left over from the previous night and had failed to score or lost his pants maybe. With a fairly massive uncut cock jutting out in front of him, obviously needing attention, the young man waved at me – an obvious invitation. A few days ago I might have succumbed, but not anymore. I had a boyfriend! I felt as if I’d somehow become a member of the Theban Three Hundred.

As I jogged on towards my office, I thought of the challenges ahead. First of all I would have to deal with the business of the boss’s son playing with my cock whenever I went to the rest room. I had never been comfortable with this. What did it all mean? The guy was supposed to be ultra-straight for God’s sake! He was even engaged to be married – to a girl!

I’d previously told myself I was between a rock and a hard place. If I asked the boss’s son to stop toying with my dick then he could make life at the office very difficult for me – even cost me my job. But I knew he had to step very carefully. His father who was the massively over-paid CEO of Delta Industries was a notorious homophobe and if he discovered that dear Shannon had been manhandling cock in the rest room then the scion of the family would probably lose his inheritance as well as his job.

Until last night I’d thought that this problem was almost insurmountable but now I had all the power of the boy next door and the Sacred Band of Thebes behind me. And now that Brad and I had made solemn commitments to each other the cock play had to stop, whatever the consequences.

The next challenge was the future of the Blue Boy’s Club where I performed most nights of the week in drag. At first, when Brad had moved into the flat next door I’d kept this part of my life a big secret. I didn’t think that such an intellectual boy who played Beethoven’s Hammerklavier Sonata in his spare time would have been all that impressed. As I ran through the park I realized I’d been wrong about that. When I finally got round to telling him about it he was amused and interested. Was that only last night? I pondered. So much had happened, it seemed an eternity ago. Brad was even very cool when I told him that at the climax of the final number the young drag queens hoisted me aloft and exposed my cock and balls to the audience.

As I wound my way along a cobbled pathway that ran through a section of the park where hardy Australian native plants were cultivated, I waved to an old bag lady who was usually found wheeling a battered pram through the park at this time of the morning. Her hair, which had probably not been washed for eons was wildly bunched under a hair net and I had the notion that lots of insects probably made their homes in there. I was astonished one night in Tyrell’s gay bar when a young lawyer friend of mine told me that Agnes, the old bag lady, was actually worth two and a half million dollars!

As I neared our office building I recalled that I had to attend a crucial meeting at the Blue Boys’ Club at six o’clock that evening. The place had been bombed by a gang of thugs, probably at the behest of a rich client who had been kicked out of the place after he’d assaulted Sean, one of the young drag queens.

Unfortunately Silas the manager and owner of Blue Boys had no insurance and when I last saw him sitting in the ruins of his bar ruminating over a glass of scotch he’d told me that he was thinking of shutting up shop. He felt that he’d run out of options. Looking around the smoking ruins, I felt I had to agree with him. Actually I got the strong impression that Silas had already made up his mind and that the meeting tonight would be just to inform us about our final payments and so on. Yesterday I was distressed by these developments, because my mother was undergoing treatment for liver cancer and I needed all the income I could get to help pay for her treatment. Also, as I’d worked with the surfer boys and the drag queens to develop the floor show which we called ‘The Crown’ we’d developed a sense of family which I knew I would sorely miss. But now, after the incredible events of the previous evening I felt I could cope with any situation that arose.

During his telling of the story of the Sacred Band of Thebes, Brad told me of an almost magical force that the band of Theban boys managed to harness. It allowed them to transform the most evil, negative forces into something positive. Even at the end of their story when the three hundred were standing before Thebes facing an invading army of hundreds of thousands knowing that they had to die, they summoned the magical positive forces to help them do so with great courage.

When I reached our office building I ran into Shannon the boss’s son in the foyer. Now this was unusual, he hardly ever appeared on a Saturday because he had football and other commitments. He came over to me and putting a hand on my arm said, “Are you all right Damien?”

For a crazy moment I thought he was talking about my wild night of fucking with Brad. But how could he possibly have known about that?

“I saw the reports, it’s all over the television. The ABC, Channel Nine. Wow, to think something like that could happen in Sydney town. They said that one of the boys was taken to hospital.”

“Yeah, that was young Sean” I said.

“Is he going to be OK?”

“Yeah, Sean’s a tough little cookie. It takes a lot to keep him down.”

“Well that sure is a relief. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.”

It seemed to me that Shannon was expressing genuine concern and he went up in my estimation. I thought I should perhaps raise the issue of him wanting to play with my cock all the time but looking around, I decided that the foyer of Delta Industries was no place to carry out negotiations to do with dick handling. But then maybe I was just evading the issue. Perhaps my good intentions were fading already?

The elevator pinged so I thanked Shannon for his concern and headed on up to the second floor. Only a few of my fellow workers were sacrificing their Saturday mornings so there was an unusual atmosphere of peace and quiet. I was relieved that none of them knew of my connection to the bombed out gay club, although I wasn’t sure for how long that state of affairs would last.

Later that morning I was just making some adjustments to a complicated sequence in my new computer game, Slaughter Palace, when I felt I needed to go for a slash. Uh-oh, would the boss’s son make his usual appearance?

As I pushed my way into the male toilet the truth hit me like a ton of bricks. If I’d been so concerned about Shannon staring at and fiddling with my cock on previous occasions why on earth hadn’t I just gone into one of the cubicles and locked the door? Well, if he truth be known I considered, I’d been fascinated by the situation and probably even enjoyed it in a perverse kind of a way.

Well, now that I was committed to Brad I could diplomatically go into a cubicle and avoid the situation. But then I thought, I didn’t want to avoid the situation, I wanted to confront and resolve it.





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Damien is astonished when Brad, the boy next door, asks him to give him an honest assessment of his cock and balls. The boy suffers from erectile dysfunction and may also be suffering from a castration complex caused by his upbringing by fanatically religious parents.



Relationships? Did he say ‘relationships?’ My heart skipped a beat. Had this gorgeous boy thought of me, no matter how briefly, in terms of a relationship?

I gently pushed his foreskin back as far as it would go and murmured, “Well you don’t seem to be suffering from erectile problems now” I said as I reached down and with my other hand gave my own cock a couple of tugs. “Neither am I if it comes to that. What would you like to do? You want me to blow you? Whack you off? Some more docking?”

“No, no Damien… maybe later on but right now I have to explain – Remember before, in my place, when I was telling you about my new novel?”

“Yeah, it’s all about this young guy from Vienna who goes on a journey to check out the classical ruins of Ancient Greece.”

“And ends up getting more than he bargained for” murmured Brad. “Well while I was doing some research after the docking I came across this incredible story about Ancient Greece. It was about this army of soldiers called The Sacred Band of Thebes.”

The boy’s face was glowing and I knew I was listening to a born story teller. I was even able to forget for a moment that I was standing there with a hard, pulsing cock.

“This band of soldiers was formed by a Theban general called Epaminondas. He had a boyfriend called Pelopidus who was also a general. Now both the cities of Thebes and Athens were under attack by the Spartans who were reputed to be the greatest soldiers in the world. Their forces also greatly outnumbered the Thebans and the Athenians. But then Epaminondas came up with a revolutionary military strategy. He would form an army of young gay soldiers.”

“You’re kidding me!” I spluttered.

“Certainly not Damien. I can show you my sources if you like. Of course in my novel I’m using poetic license and I’ve got this scene where the general and his boyfriend are in a kind of recruiting centre, checking out the cocks and balls of all these young guys as well as their armour and spears.”

“Good work if you can get it” I laughed.

“Eventually they recruited three hundred of the sturdiest and most beautiful boys and young men in Thebes.”

“And they were all gay?”

“Of course” said Brad. “And it was essential that each recruit already had a boyfriend. So you could say that it was an army of a hundred and fifty gay couples. The older guy would have been in his mid-twenties. The younger was called the eromenos which in English means ‘beloved boy.’ He would have been in his late teens, certainly not older than twenty. After they were recruited the couples were taken to the tomb of Iolau who had been the boyfriend of Hercules.”

“You mean Hercules was gay?”

“Of course.”

“Well that’s something we weren’t taught in school” I laughed.

“At the tomb the guys would swear eternal loyalty to each other and to the Band of Thebes. That’s why they became to be known as ‘sacred.’ Of course when they were in the battle field each boy was fighting not for his own life but for that of his lover’s.”

“That is so beautiful” I breathed.

“Because of that they were just about invincible. The Thebans believed that the combination of male beauty and bravery combined with beautiful thoughts in the mind could give them these flashes, momentary views of the afterlife. The Theban boys also believed it was better to die honourably in the field rather than live with a disgraceful reputation. No boy in the heat of battle was going to let down his lover. Their first big victory came in 375 BC at the Battle of Tegyra. The Theban Band – and let’s remember that they only numbered three hundred – were vastly outnumbered by an approaching Spartan army.

“One of the Theban lads said to General Pelopidus ‘We’ve fallen into our enemy’s hands!’

“But the general said, ‘Why don’t we say that they have fallen into our hands?’

“With that the Pelopidus led the Sacred Band straight at the Spartans. Amazed by this seemingly reckless action, the Spartans in their confusion parted, thinking that the Thebans would simply charge through their lines and escape. But no, they turned on their enemies and ploughed through them, cutting off their heads and killing their leaders. The Spartans turned and ran. It was the first time a Spartan army had ever been defeated.”

Whilst Brad was telling the story he moved about the room actually seeming to become those brave Theban boys. I was stunned; a shy, rather diffident boy had become a whole gallery of Theban military lovers in their fiercest moments of glory.

“The Sacred Band of Thebes won battle after battle and over forty years they became the most respected army in the world” said Brad. “Fathers in Thebes lived in hope that their sons might be recruited into the Sacred Band. In communities around Ancient Greece where homosexuality had been frowned upon, it became a virtue. For a boy to have a male lover was thought to be the epitome of manliness. Eventually, around Greece, any young man who didn’t have a boyfriend was thought to be lacking in character.”

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Anyway, as I have suggested, they lived in a fairly spacious house with two bathrooms. I knew that Tyler loved taking showers and I often caught myself wishing that I could share them. His mother called all this showering a ‘fetish’ and was continually going on about the waste of water and electricity. Both bathrooms contained toilets so a few times when I knew Tyler was showering I pretended that I urgently needed to go to the can. A couple of times when we were doing our homework in the kitchen downstairs Sandy looked at me rather oddly, probably wondering why I was dashing to use the upstairs bathroom when the downstairs was closer. Naturally the real reason was that Tyler always used the upstairs bathroom.

I got fairly close to getting an eyeful a couple of times but somehow the boy always managed to have the shower curtain or a large sponge strategically placed. But it was so shutterstock_19058863close it was excruciating and I eventually started to imagine that Tyler was teasing me. Or was this just wishful thinking? Naturally I could only use this ruse when I knew I would be able to take a piss otherwise Tyler and Sandy would know that my real reason was to try and have a perv. I knew that because of where the toilet was situated the boy would be able to see my cock but I didn’t mind. In fact I loved the fact that he would be able to see it. Instead of just undoing my fly I always lowered my shorts so Tyler could see my balls as well. Of course, because of my quest and the fact that the boy was so close, by the time I was ready to have a slash I would have a hard on. I also pulled the foreskin back so that he could see my glistening head. Well maybe all this was rather fanciful. How did I know that he would be interested in looking at my cock and arse? Except… one afternoon I quickly turned my head and Tyler made a sudden movement and I was fairly sure that he had been checking me out.





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There could also be danger looming because of the fact that the big boss of Delta Industries (and Shannon’s dad) where Damien works is a well-known homophobe. Damien knows that he must keep the fact that he has a second job – performing in a gay club in the evenings – a secret.


Some of the boys who lived in and around Altona were jealous of Shannon’s sexual achievements and he had suffered a few drunken attacks at the Altona Hotel. Fortunately he was more than able to stick up for himself and bashed bullies sometimes added to the workload of the emergency staff at St Vincent’s Hospital of a Friday evening. Anyway, there I was in the ‘rest room’ standing next to Shannon of the almighty cock and now I was gushing piss into the stainless steel as well. No matter how much I tried I couldn’t unswivel my eyes, so they remained focussed on Shannon’s mighty cock. I could have sworn that there was a faint smile flickering on his lips but then I thought I was kidding myself… it was just wishful thinking. But then – oh, my God, I could have sworn that his dick was getting even bigger. Shannon was getting hard! Of course as soon as I realized that, my own cock started pulsing and lifting. And then – the Boss’s son by now had a broad grin which gave him an angelic and a devilish expression all in one – he pulled his short foreskin back before shaking off the last drops of piss. My own cock had by now completely filled and I was shaking off my own lingering drops. I’ve got a fairly long foreskin of which I am fairly proud, so even without thinking, I pulled it all the way back to show off my glistening head. And then I thought – was I kidding myself? Why would Shannon, the Casanova of Delta Industries be interested in that? However, angels sang in my heart when I saw Shannon look down at me and lift an eyebrow. Was that a sign of approval? Admiration? What? Or was Shannon one of those straight guys who like to tease or torture gay guys by giving them flashes of forbidden fruits? How sick! I’d read about these monsters on the net. I stood there with my swivelled eyes wondering what I should do. I could maybe just zip up, wash my hands and leave as if nothing had happened. Well, when I thought about it, nothing had happened after all. Not much anyway. But why was Shannon still standing there with his massive cock still rock hard? My eyes were rapidly feeding information to my brain to be filed away in my memory bank to assist with future wanking sessions.

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Asian Boys


I recently came across a post from a Chinese boy living in Singapore who said that apart from wanking his own cock he hadn’t had any sex. He said that he was about to rectify this by going out and being blown in urinals.

The Chinese boy said that he reckoned that many Asian boys were ashamed of their foreskins. He put this down to the fact that so many guys from a very young age watched American porn and at this impressionable age assumed that cut cocks were cool, aesthetically ideal and ‘the norm.’

To any Asian boys who may read this post may I say – be proud of your foreskin and be very grateful that you still have it,

Yours in  skin,