FREE BOOK: The Lost Boyfriend

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The second book in my Gay Performance series The Lost Boyfriend will be available for free downloading from Amazon Kindle on Thursday the 28th of June and Friday the 29th.

Here is an excerpt –

At long last young Jody Benson felt he was on his way to becoming a creative, investigative journalist. Hell, he’d just had a unique experience hadn’t he? In the drag queens’ dressing room at Connections gay club he’d just been inducted into one of the mysteries of drag. He’d assisted his new young drag queen friend Shane to get ready for a performance of Drag, the smash hit show which was currently showing at the club.

In order to do this Shane had inducted Jody into the mysteries of ‘Tuck and Tape.’ Jody had then carefully shaved the boy’s pubes, balls and around his boy hole. Shane had then shown Jody how his testes could be fitted into something called the inguinal canal. The boy had then demonstrated how everything was firmly taped up in the arse crack.

The young queen and Jody had obviously ‘clicked’ with each other during the procedure because whilst the student journalist had been handling his cock and balls, Shane had cracked a hard-on. Jody then had the task of dealing with the stiff cock by wanking it vigorously and then going down on it to collect the jets of hot cum in his mouth. During this part of what was supposed to be a ‘clinical’ procedure, a mysterious figure had appeared in the doorway of the dressing room. Jody thought that it might have been one of the other drag queens but Shane, who had been facing the doorway whilst shooting his load, had assured him this was not the case. No, the figure in the doorway had been an incredibly beautiful boy who’d moved with the grace of a dancer. When he was told this Jody felt cold shivers running up and down his spine. Could the elusive ‘dancer’ have been Alex his roomie from Mitchell College at the university? But how could that be he wondered? Surely young Alex would be off rehearsing with his beloved Borovansky Ballet Company? Or perhaps he would be getting ready for a performance at the Princess Theatre. Early that morning at Mitchell College Jody had suggested to his roomie that he might like to accompany him to Connections where he was going to find out how drag queens managed to conceal their boyish bulges when they were getting ready for shows. Alex had indicated that he wasn’t at all interested, he had urgent ballet rehearsals to go to.

Had the boy changed his mind and followed him to the club Jody wondered? And then had he become upset when he’d witnessed Shane the sexy young queen pumping his cum into Jody’s mouth? But why would he be disturbed by that Jody wondered? They weren’t exactly boyfriends. Hell, there was no way Jody would have a boyfriend in any case. He was straight wasn’t he? But then he had to wonder – if he was so straight why did he have the metallic taste of Shane’s cum in his mouth? Life could be so complicated.johnfaitken-72dpi-1500x2000 (19)




FREEBOOK: Sleepover Boy

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My recently published book in the Gay Moments series,Sleepover Boy,will be available for free downloading on January the 8th and the 9th. Here is an excerpt-

“Almost without realizing it Jamie had become something of a stalker. How many times did he really have to walk his dog Benji past that hallowed house in Selway Place where divine Christian Compton lived with his parents?

How could he possibly justify lurking in the tropical grove of Rotary Park most afternoons when Christian took his customary jog along the path that led to the lake? Oh my God, the sight of all that junk bouncing about in those loose-fitting shorts would surely drive him crazy Jamie thought. More often than not, after His Magnificence had passed, he would pull his own weapon out of his jeans for a quick wank in the shadows of the pandanas trees. On one occasion whilst he was still working his foreskin Jamie had been given a bit of a shock when a boy emerged from the shadows and offered to give him a hand. He’d politely declined.”


FREE BOOK: My Girlfriend’s Brother

Pssst! to my Dear Followers,

The first book in my Gay Moments series ‘My Girlfriend’s Brother’ will be available for free downloading from Amazon Kindle from Sunday the 5th of June until Tuesday the 7th of June.

Here is an excerpt:

Anyway, as I have suggested, they lived in a fairly spacious house with two bathrooms. I knew that Tyler loved taking showers and I often caught myself wishing that I could share them. His mother called all this showering a ‘fetish’ and was continually going on about the waste of water and electricity. Both bathrooms contained toilets so a few times when I knew Tyler was showering I pretended that I urgently needed to go to the can. A couple of times when we were doing our homework in the kitchen downstairs Sandy looked at me rather oddly, probably wondering why I was dashing to use the upstairs bathroom when the downstairs was closer. Naturally the real reason was that Tyler always used the upstairs bathroom.

I got fairly close to getting an eyeful a couple of times but somehow the boy always managed to have the shower curtain or a large sponge strategically placed. But it was so shutterstock_19058863close it was excruciating and I eventually started to imagine that Tyler was teasing me. Or was this just wishful thinking? Naturally I could only use this ruse when I knew I would be able to take a piss otherwise Tyler and Sandy would know that my real reason was to try and have a perv. I knew that because of where the toilet was situated the boy would be able to see my cock but I didn’t mind. In fact I loved the fact that he would be able to see it. Instead of just undoing my fly I always lowered my shorts so Tyler could see my balls as well. Of course, because of my quest and the fact that the boy was so close, by the time I was ready to have a slash I would have a hard on. I also pulled the foreskin back so that he could see my glistening head. Well maybe all this was rather fanciful. How did I know that he would be interested in looking at my cock and arse? Except… one afternoon I quickly turned my head and Tyler made a sudden movement and I was fairly sure that he had been checking me out.




Boy Scouts


I first got involved in circle wanks, believe it or not, when I was a member of the Boy Scouts. I belonged to the First Applecross Troop in a riverside suburb of Perth, Western Australia. Thinking back I realize this may have been one of the gayest Boy Scout troops in the whole of Australia. Of course in those days my school mates and I had never heard of the term “gay” pertaining to sex and we’d certainly never come across the word “homosexuality.” We’d had it drummed in to us that it was “dirty” to even think about touching up girls. But no one had told us that we shouldn’t play with each other. I guess you could say we were innocent or at least naive in a queer sort of way. Nevertheless, some instinct told us that we should be very discreet about our “playing”, it was to be kept a dire secret in our own little world.

My first brush with sex came when I was the age of twelve. I’d started to get regular erections and my cock would pop up in my grey school boy shorts at the most inconvenient of times. I’d heard about wanking but didn’t really know what it meant. Then the word went round our junior high school one Friday afternoon. An older lad (all of about sixteen) who was from another nearby high school was going to give an exhibition of wanking on the following morning. This was Neil Hamilton who I imagine, thinking back, must have been a straight boy or at least bi because he had the not so savoury reputation of fucking both his sisters in the family bathroom when their parents were out at work.

So early on the Saturday morning twenty or so of us gathered in a small bushland clearing just off the sports oval of our school. Neil Hamilton turned up on time and asked the boys to form a circle.

“Have any of yous started wanking yet?

Two of the older lads (about thirteen) rather sheepishly raised their hands.

“OK… for the benefit of the rest of yous I’ll show you how it’s done.”

With that he dropped his shorts, releasing a fairly large uncut cock into the fresh morning air. It was already rock hard. With his right hand he started to pull and push his foreskin up and down the shaft. He obviously had a fairly generous amount of skin because I recall that it would completely cover the cock head with each stroke. I noticed that I was getting hard myself and that several of my mates had tent like shapes in their shorts. After Neil had been stroking for about ten minutes he shouted: “Here it comes” and I was astonished to see jets of white liquid spurting out of his piss hole. Now this was confusing. Was that what some of my friends called “spunk”? I’d always thought that the slit on the end of my cock was exclusively for pissing out of. Wow, talk about multi-purpose? There was a sporadic burst of applause.

Now, grinning rather sheepishly, Neil Hamilton shook leftover drops of cum off the end of his cock, pulled up his shorts and disappeared into the bush without saying a word. I couldn’t wait to go home and experiment.

Back to the Boy Scout troop. A couple of weeks after Neil’s demo it was the school holidays and my folks had signed me up for a camping trip in the Darling Ranges with the scouts. We arrived in the hills on a Saturday and set about putting up the tents. I always loved this phase of scouting, working out how to pitch the canvas, banging in the tent pegs, tying off the ropes with the intricate knots we’d practised. The reef knot was my favourite; there was something deeply satisfying about pitching a tent.

After the pitching was over Mr Boswell the Scout Master called us together and told us we had a choice – we could go for a bushwalk with him (most of the guys cheered at this) or because we’d had a fairly long journey and had worked hard pitching the tents, those boys who were tired could rest in the tents if they wanted to. I elected to stay and rest as did Tim, a rather dark skinned boy who was a member of my patrol and would be sleeping in my tent. I thought that Tim’s ancestors may have come from some place in the middle east, or maybe even the Indian sub-continent but he had a broad enough Aussie accent.

The sleeping arrangements were basic – as befitted hardy, adventurous boy scouts. Just sleeping bags rolled out on rubber ground sheets.

Tim and I went to our tent and lay down on our sleeping bags. However I soon realized that my mate had no notion of just resting. I was quite surprised when he stepped out of his khaki shorts and knelt on his bag. He didn’t try to conceal the fairly large erection that jutted out in front of him and I noted with interest that he was uncut although, of course, I didn’t say anything. He gave his cock a few strokes and then looked at me. “There’s a group of us do this all the time at Army Cadets Kev. You should’ve joined.” With that he went back to his wanking and I felt myself hardening. I couldn’t take my eyes off Tim’s fairly loose foreskin riding up and down his shaft. At last I could stand it no longer. I slipped off my shorts and started pulling my own medium sized uncut cock. Tim gave me a complicit grin.

“My dad tried to talk to me about wanking the other day” he chirped. “It was all so embarrassing. He tried to ask me if I’d started wanking – can you believe it? Anyway, he told me not to, that it was bad for my eyesight and that in any case I should save my spunk for the girl I’ll marry. Well, that took me by surprise Kev. I’ve been wanking every day since the beginning of the year but I’d never thought about my future wife.” Tim stopped in mid stroke and looked at me. “You know Kev I thought, well maybe Dad’s right. Maybe I should save it for… then I thought, nah, why should I worry? I’m sure the girl I marry won’t miss a few drops.”

With that Tim started pulling his cock again in earnest and I could see that his well-shaped head was swelling and turning red. He gasped and shot more than just a few drops all over his ground sheet.

– An excerpt from ‘Burmese Boy’ by Kevin Armstrong.

GAY MOMENTS: The Boys of Summer


Balmain Publishing has just released my latest story in the GAY MOMENTS series – ‘The Boys of Summer.’ Here is an excerpt –


Although I reckoned he was straight Chanel wasn’t a shy boy and he often walked around our dorm room naked. As he once said to me, “We’re both boys.” But one morning he caught me looking at his rather thick cock and he said in his lilting accent – “What’re you looking at Jay?”

“I was just trying to work out whether your cock is cut or uncut.”

“What does it matter?”

“Just curious, that’s all.”

Now Dear Reader, I wouldn’t blame you for wondering about all this. Surely its fairly straight forward working out whether a guy is circumcised or not? Well, as I was soon to discover, even the most seemingly simple situations in this life can turn complex in a jiffy. Now Chanel took hold of his cock and I noticed it was getting stiff.

“Hey bro” he said, laughing. “I don’t want you getting any ideas because I’ve got a hard-on. I get stiff untold times every day and that’s why I have to jack-off when no-one’s looking. So I don’t want you to go thinking I’ve got the hots for you.” He laughed then said – “Look, you can grab hold of it if you like. It’s just a cock. It’s not gonna bight you.”

Astonished at this development I took hold of the pulsing shaft which was well on its way to becoming as thick as a sauce bottle.

“Now do you see that bit of skin?”

He did indeed have a very short rim of skin that covered the prominent ridge of his cock head when he was soft. But now that the cock was filling fast it had receded, revealing the glistening ridge.

“My big brother Alvin told me that I had the operation when I was a baby but the medicine man was pissed when he was wielding the knife so I got left with this little bit of skin. But hey, I was so young I don’t remember. I just gotta say I don’t mind being this way bro. I suppose you could say I’ve got the best of both worlds. Go on, have a good feel.”

I didn’t have to be asked twice. I took hold of the ridge of skin and pulled it as far forward as it would go. At the same time I took hold of the boy’s rather full balls.

“Oh, I like that… you’ve got a great touch bro. Just a little more pressure on the balls. That’s great Jay. Now give me a look at yours.”

Now this was a totally unexpected development. Did it mean my room-mate was gay after all? Did it mean I was gay?

“But you’ve seen it heaps of times Chanel. In the bathroom when I’m taking a shower.”

“Yeah but not real close-up. Fair is fair. Hey, you’ve still got my dick in your hand.”