FREE BOOK: The Lost Boyfriend

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The second book in my Gay Performance series The Lost Boyfriend will be available for free downloading from Amazon Kindle on Thursday the 28th of June and Friday the 29th.

Here is an excerpt –

At long last young Jody Benson felt he was on his way to becoming a creative, investigative journalist. Hell, he’d just had a unique experience hadn’t he? In the drag queens’ dressing room at Connections gay club he’d just been inducted into one of the mysteries of drag. He’d assisted his new young drag queen friend Shane to get ready for a performance of Drag, the smash hit show which was currently showing at the club.

In order to do this Shane had inducted Jody into the mysteries of ‘Tuck and Tape.’ Jody had then carefully shaved the boy’s pubes, balls and around his boy hole. Shane had then shown Jody how his testes could be fitted into something called the inguinal canal. The boy had then demonstrated how everything was firmly taped up in the arse crack.

The young queen and Jody had obviously ‘clicked’ with each other during the procedure because whilst the student journalist had been handling his cock and balls, Shane had cracked a hard-on. Jody then had the task of dealing with the stiff cock by wanking it vigorously and then going down on it to collect the jets of hot cum in his mouth. During this part of what was supposed to be a ‘clinical’ procedure, a mysterious figure had appeared in the doorway of the dressing room. Jody thought that it might have been one of the other drag queens but Shane, who had been facing the doorway whilst shooting his load, had assured him this was not the case. No, the figure in the doorway had been an incredibly beautiful boy who’d moved with the grace of a dancer. When he was told this Jody felt cold shivers running up and down his spine. Could the elusive ‘dancer’ have been Alex his roomie from Mitchell College at the university? But how could that be he wondered? Surely young Alex would be off rehearsing with his beloved Borovansky Ballet Company? Or perhaps he would be getting ready for a performance at the Princess Theatre. Early that morning at Mitchell College Jody had suggested to his roomie that he might like to accompany him to Connections where he was going to find out how drag queens managed to conceal their boyish bulges when they were getting ready for shows. Alex had indicated that he wasn’t at all interested, he had urgent ballet rehearsals to go to.

Had the boy changed his mind and followed him to the club Jody wondered? And then had he become upset when he’d witnessed Shane the sexy young queen pumping his cum into Jody’s mouth? But why would he be disturbed by that Jody wondered? They weren’t exactly boyfriends. Hell, there was no way Jody would have a boyfriend in any case. He was straight wasn’t he? But then he had to wonder – if he was so straight why did he have the metallic taste of Shane’s cum in his mouth? Life could be so complicated.johnfaitken-72dpi-1500x2000 (19)






Psssst! This is a message for my Dear Followers. The second story in my GAY DIMENSIONS series will be available for FREE DOWN LOADING on Amazon Kindle from Tuesday 27th of October until Thursday 29th of October inclusive. Here is a brief excerpt –


The nocturnal park with its drifting wraith-like population was almost comforting to Raphael. There were the solitary figures sitting on park benches under flickering lamps waiting (more often than not in vain) for a gorgeous boy with rampant cock to come drifting out of the undergrowth. And if he was not mistaken Victor Prinz (called Queen Victoria in the gay community) would probably be in residence, sitting on a pedestal in the park’s dunny with a queue of boys waiting patiently to have their cocks sucked.

Looking over to where a grove of wattle trees was bathed in moonlight he saw a guy bent over with his pants around his ankles and a tall, stringy boy standing behind him thrusting at his butt. The boy who was being fucked gave Raphael a wave, indicating that maybe he should join in. However he just laughed and giving the couple a good-natured salutation, moved on through the park.

As he strolled through the dappled moonlight Raphael wondered why gay men and boys still took the risk of having sex in the park, in public. These days there were ample gay saunas in the city where for little cost a boy could enjoy a secure environment and be almost assured of having rampant sex. Why were so many of them still doing it out in the open? Maybe that added to the thrill although Raphael could never quite see the point. Certainly the park was a safer place than it used to be. The cops still made sporadic patrols with their searchlights but even then they rarely got out of their cars. Boys were still vulnerable to gangs of gay bashing thugs but if any of these monsters appeared the lads in the park were pretty generous about spreading the alarm around the shadowy network as quickly as they could.

As Raphael passed a dense bank of shrubbery a boy with gyrating hips caught his eye. He realized this was the same lad who’d asked him for an assessment of his cock a few weeks ago. A younger blonde boy was kneeling in front of him slurping on his uncut dick. The suckee gave Raphael a cheerful thumbs up as he passed by. Well it’s good to see that the lad has fitted in Raphael considered.


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