African Boys


Suddenly I had other issues to be concerned about. Other people had entered the cubicle, there were shadows on the walls. This didn’t seem to concern Amos at all, because there wasn’t the slightest interruption to the rhythm of his fucking. I managed to twist my head around whilst still keeping Amos clutched by my arse muscles.  I realized that we had been joined by three African boys all of whom were about the same age as Amos.johnfaitken-72dpi-1500x2000 (1)

Now the boy began to gasp as he drove himself deeper and deeper and I felt the slapping of his balls.

“I’m sorry Bro” he said. “I must’ve mentioned where we were meeting for our fucking. But don’t worry, they’ll only want to watch.”

Amos told me later that the tallest boy, Kojo, held his balls whilst the youngest, Zuri, fingered his arse for him during the fuck.

I didn’t really mind the intrusion, in fact I welcomed it. Immersing myself in such an experience helped to dilute the shock I’d felt at Michel’s unaccountably cruel treatment. Perhaps after Amos had blown the other boys would want to have a go as well and I felt I’d really gone beyond the point of caring.

At last I felt that Amos was shuddering and then he squirted warm jet after jet up my passage. I smiled grimly. I wondered what Michel would say if he knew that his juice was already mingled with that of a boy from the Congo.

Slowly Amos withdrew his rod and turning round, I saw him wiping the head of his cock on one of the other boy’s shorts. I went to straighten up when Amos said softly, “No, no, stay there Bro, I’m still hard.” My God, I wondered, was he going to have another go?

Just as he was pushing his cock back into my now awesomely yawning opening he said to the other black boys, “Hey, you see what a cute lil’ arse my friend got you guys? If you boys behave yourselves – who knows, he might give you a go.”

I discovered later that during this second go the third black visitor, Adisa, had taken over the task of fingering Amos’s hole whilst holding his balls. Whilst all this was going on Zuri, the youngest boy, reached round and started pulling my cock for me. I really appreciated that because even although I’d blown in Michel’s room, having my fuck with Amos witnessed by three cute African boys was a real turn-on and I’d become hard again.

It wasn’t long before Amos was filling me up again with his hot load. I came at the same time, splashing my cum over the toilet bowl.

After Amos had withdrawn for the second time I was exhausted. With my juice still dripping from my cock I turned round and sat on the toilet. Amos proceeded to introduce me properly to his three friends. He explained that the name ‘Kojo’ meant that the boy was born on a Monday. That ‘Zuri’ meant ‘handsome’ which he certainly was… in fact he was drop-dead gorgeous. ‘Adisa meant “I speak gravely.” I was touched by the idea that these boys were so keen to hang on to their African names, not adopting more banal ‘western’ names like so many newcomers to our country. I was amazed that these three friends of Amos were so polite. When they grinned it was like flashes from heaven. I smiled inwardly when I remembered my fears that Amos was going to introduce me to a bunch of tribal thugs who might want to fuck me within an inch of my life.

As Amos was climbing back into his jeans he turned to his friends. “Hey, I told my friend Jody here that that you boys all bigger than me. You gonna show him or what? You better I reckon, or he gonna think me a liar.”

Laughing, the three boys gathered round me and dropped their daks. Sure enough, they were all more massive than Amos and I could hardly believe the vision before me. They were all circumcised of course. Zuri, the youngest, had the thickest cock and a fairly massive pair of balls. I judged that Kojo was only marginally bigger than Amos. His balls and pubic area were smooth and hairless. Adisa’s mighty cock was hanging at half-mast and I wondered how big it would become when fully erect. It certainly seemed to be pulsing in that direction. Without asking their permission I started to run my fingers over the three cocks, one at a time. I also took their healthy-looking balls in hand in turn and squeezed them gently. The smiles of those lovely boys became even more heavenly. I noticed that their piss-slots were very handsome and really quite prominent and wondered if this was a Congolese trait. As I was continuing my examination the three lads were also touching each other and rubbing their cocks together. I got the idea that they probably did this quite regularly.

Feeling that my energy was rapidly returning, I first of all took Zuri’s cock head in my mouth and sucked. Then, whilst holding the young boy’s balls, I sucked Kojo’s and Adisa’s bulbous heads in turn. I didn’t want them to feel neglected! I then attempted to suck both Zuri’s and Kojo’s heads at the same time. Double ecstasy. There was no way that I could do the same with Adisa because now that he was fully erect his head was so huge that he had to be given individual attention. Surprisingly, the biggest boy came fairly quickly and he splashed his load into my mouth. Now young Zuri turned to Amos and said, “I bet yo friend’s arse feel awesome. You reckon he’d let me…?

“Maybe I already make his arse too sore Zuri. But hey, why don’t you ask him yourself?”

The boy looked at me questioningly and I nodded. However this time I told him I would have to do it standing up because my back was a bit sore after bending over so much for Amos.

The boy took up his position behind me and easily slipped his cock into my passage.

“Oh Jody” the boy said, “You don’t know what a pleasure it is for me to be able to fuck white butt.”

“And I think I must becoming addicted to African cock” I laughed.

From the sounds and gasps somewhere behind me I quickly realized that whilst Zuri was fucking me, Adisa was fucking the boy and Kojo was fucking him. Amos was taking up the rear if I can put it like that, fingering Kojo’s hole.

After we parted company outside the dunny I began to walk home feeling that I’d just made a quick trip from Hell to Paradise.

-an excerpt from ‘Brilliant Boys – Icebergs’ by Kevin Armstrong