Free Book

1 Outrageous E-Book Cover

My book ‘Outrageous – the Great Genitalia Conspiracy” will be available FREE from Amazon Kindle from Thursday the 29th of January until Monday the 2nd of February. Here is an excerpt –

“Of course because we shared the same bathroom I occasionally got glimpses of his cock. It was absolutely beautiful, with a neat foreskin and a glossy head. One thin vein ran down the centre of the shaft. And it had a kind of golden hue. The pubes were neat although I was sure he never trimmed them. And the balls always seemed firm and tight. But what really impressed me was the size. No, I’m not a size queen. I actually love it when a boy’s cock seems to be in perfect proportion with the rest of his body and this was certainly the case with Lewis. There is nothing more gross than seeing a thin, delicately built boy with a monster cock dangling between his legs. Anyway, that’s my taste although I know there would be legions of women and gays who certainly wouldn’t agree with me. I’d read somewhere on the internet that with some teenage boys their cocks reach full, mature size before the rest of their bodies. Now that I’ve read that sentence back I wonder… do I really have a fetish? I mean, I seem to spend a lot of time reading and writing about cocks.”


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