FREE BOOK Mad About The Boy: Orlando

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My book ‘MAD ABOUT THE BOY: Orlando’ will be available for free downloading from Amazon Kindle from Thursday 9th of April until Monday the 13th inclusive.

Here is an excerpt –


The drunken sleep-over inspired us to open up a small experimental theatre in the basement. We decided to premier a play set in Ancient Greece that I had written called Marathon. It was about young Athenian gay soldiers fighting the Persians alongside their boyfriends. This meant that they were virtually unconquerable. Of course their commanders knew that the boys would fight fiercely, not so much for their own lives but to save the lives of their lovers.

The play had several key scenes where the two main characters had to appear on stage naked. This was a ‘first’ for our small conservative city and as soon as we announced the season the phone in the box office was ringing merrily.

Of course Stephen and I had to audition a whole army of stunning young men for the play. We had to ensure historical authenticity because the statuary and painted vases that have come down to us from Ancient Greece suggest that men in that age had intact cocks. This meant that during the auditions the boys had to strip off and reveal all. I was in my element and I secretly hoped that the sight of so many magnificent young cocks parading before us would help Stephen make up his mind about his own sexuality.

At first we thought that we would have very few takers but we were besieged! Although we put the word around and told the talent agencies that the successful boys would have to be intact we did have a couple of circumcised boys try it on… hoping we wouldn’t notice I guess. Fat chance! I really felt sorry for one boy called Derek who had a magnificent but severely circumcised member. As he walked onto the tiny stage illuminated by harsh work lamps and I saw the cut cock I shook my head regretfully. Derek, however, was desperate to be cast. “I can disguise it. Maybe if I get a bit of band aid – you know, flesh coloured? I can stick it over the head and we can get away with it.” I was tempted for a moment because the young man had proven himself to be a fine actor in the earlier stages of the audition. And then I considered that our new theatre was so intimate that people in the front row were so close they could reach out and touch the actors if they wanted to. I could imagine giggles breaking out on opening night at the sight of a sticking plaster foreskin.


Hope you enjoy it,





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